hey im mary. Well there is a lot about me. Like how im slow, kind, caring, loving, and just love music!! i cant live without it! theres one person i can trust her name is crystal and shes my wifey (cousin). theres one person i love talking to hes funny his name is john u dont kno him but i do. xD im single. i love skelanimals i have the bulldog right know its so cute. my cuz has the cat. my cuz took pic of them they look amazing!! my fave song is tell me what to do by metro station.my favorite band well metro station. there awsome not to mention the ead singers sre hut. so umm ummm ummm yea they r xD.

my fave letter from a girl to a guy or guy to girl would be this one:

do you know that i love u? i probably already told u, but im going to keep saying it. there is no lies in these, not one bit. your smile keeps me alive its one more reason to keep fighting. i would give you my soul for comfort, even if it means me dark & cold. && when i hold u close, i can feel ur heart beat fast: and i think to myself...i've found that "someone" at last

well thats is everything bye!