ask yourself

why are you here? wat r u doing? why am i asking? good question! if youre here to learn about me . well, to bad. cause ur a creep. yeah thats right ur a creep. im gonna tell u about me. im kay. call me camander cobra, this is my mule tyvm. my main is.....kiss my a**,. kidding kidding. ill tell u in due time. so im totally listenng to owl city, the best band of al ltime. i mean besided karate high school. i love the beatles. they rock my socks,. do u like them? cause u should, they did drugs if you did not know, your welcome,. i love u. wink marry me? never i hate u. so i rember when i was little. i imagined riding a dinosaur nd fighting black ninjas. woah. i wasnt gonna tell u that but . hey. i like to uhh talk? haha. i love laughing too. are you fun? exciting? have heart problems? i dont. so i dont care if you do. am i offensive? well good, i like it that way. fat ppl r creepy. omg i forgot how to spell people. o wait. i rember. kiddingggg. i have ripped pants. sooo i am poor ;(.kidding. im in s.a.d.d/ wink its fun, do you do drugs? if so you are shuned.shun shun hsunshunshunshunshunshun. ?>.> w/e soooo. wanna go grab some pizzza? why id love too. aslong as you buy me a ring. i like moutian dew ans sprite. the occasional coke, im in beauty pageants. i rock ur socks dont i? well if not to ******** bad. i hate cereal,. why? cause i puked rainbows of green. thank you vary ******** much lucky charms. your too kind for showing me all the diffrent types of green, i love my best friend. her name is kayla. shes fun and spunky., wooooo. and im in love. his name happens to be chris. <3 do u love someone? do you love me? love gameS? i love the mighty boosh. yesss. cause im old gregg and i have a man gina. so, yeah. uhh. well. do you have the time. cause i sure as hell dont. e.e sooooo. im good at rock band drums. for a girl. buti hate guitar hero drums. i love star trek . leonard nimoy is my hero, i would die to live in calif. or texas. or hawii. or florida. enywere but ********. yep. born and raised. maby maine. or w/e or jersey. they sound exciting. wink . so i was talking to ur mom. shes not happy with all the time you spend jacking off. why do you do this? the wisest investment ive ever made was a $. iu bought dancing hamster stickers. ill never forget them. i know your envious. dont hide it. i am the egg man. wooo. they are the egg man. i am the walruss. cococachu, yeah. i hate maple syrup. i love egg sandwitches and bacon. wink . i like singing. i play soccer. i golf. yeha.
i bowl. los frijoles en tu sucio ensalada. the best advice ive ever recived was : a raddish will allways be a raddish. and untill you know wat it means. you wont get it. but u will in due time. my main is whiskybum. yep. i saw a homeless man before. he reminded me of my father. not really. he was black. im white.' if you didnt know,. i like to pretend im black. well not really. fat people smell like sweaty cupcakes. wooo. eww. welcome to the broken hearts club. your invited to stay the night. my house has 7 people in it. an hour ago i cleaned the bathroom. 7 peoples residue. yuck. im gonna hurl. when i die im going to quote things. such as stepbrothers. the hangover. robotchicken. and familyguy. then right when i die. ill pull u close and whisper .... mat damon,. then ill die. thats all, if i reach the age of 75. im killing myself. those have been my plans for years. if u copy me ill kill u first. i hate liars. especially sceinse im good at telling lies from truth. its weird. the word cactus. and cacti. haha. wat about chihaua, i have one. yeah. so barak obama is black....... just dont drink the blue koolaid. thats all i gotta say. i love mccain <3 he was ******** awesome. wereever u are mccain. i love u. i have acid reflux. and ciliac. my tummy hurts. sad . i hate italian food. thats all my mom used to make. spagettie, ravioli, and stuff. i also loath hamburger helper. ******** that man. well i should stop. i think. buh bye.