My Nam3 B:Jazmyn

NiickName'z: Jazziie or Pooh

W3r3 iiM Frm: Atlanta (all day everydaii)

Age:Aiint Nutttiin But A #

Favz razz artyiin, Dancin, Hangiin wiit Fwends,& wriitiin poems

Disliikes: Biitchy Ppl, Niqqaz Dat Cnt Tak3 A Joke

Anywayz, yo people diis b ya guh jazziie...iima koo chiick 2 be wiit, ii lyke ******** wiit ppl and iim layed baq az hell!! ii speak my miind so iif ii say sumtiin u dnt lyke GET OVA IIT. ii dnt ******** wiit 2 many biishes to much drama but, iif u wanna k mo hiit meh up iin a PM.


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Aye Dis Ya Boy Goofy A.K.A Gucci {{iNsider}} Lol iM Here Hackin Ma Gurl Jazzie Boo Bear Pro & Lettin Yall Nu Dat iM Always Dere Fo Her iMake Her Happy iTell Her Stories Dat Will Make Her Wet Herself Shes A Real Kool A** Chick Once Ya Get 2 Nu Her iLove Me Bestie Jazzie She Keeps Me Happy Even Wen iM Goin Though Sum Hard Times iFeel Like iCan Tell Her Anythin Wen iM Talkin 2Her iLove Teasin Her 2She Got Her Own Nickname Fo Me & iTs Goof Goof {{Cant Nu 1Call Me Dat But Her}} Dats Her Own Name Fo Me Well Ya Have Been Readin Jazzies Hack From Her Bestest Bestie & Da World iLove Ya Bestie From Ya Boy,Goof Goof

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Ay ! Ay ! Ay ! This Ya Girl Cece, On My Best B.tch Paqe
Yesh, This My Bestie & She A Dime Piece. Ok i.Been
Knowinq Jazzie Since i.Dont Know When, But i.Know
Its Been A Lonq Time ] If You F.Ck With Her, You
F.CkiN With Me So Tell All Da Hoes, You Know i.Remain
Her Bestie To The End, So Yall Can Kick Rocks '& Chew
Bricks) For All i.Care ! i.Keep It 1OO % And Im Gone
Stay By Jazzie Side Thru Thick '& Thin; Niqquh Im Out !