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S h i s u D e s u on 02/25/2021
TigerLilyChick on 02/20/2021
mr kawaiii on 02/19/2021
green2griffin on 12/11/2020
Not Toast on 11/26/2020
Uh Sah Syn on 11/11/2020
Shinzuu on 03/02/2020
feney on 01/29/2020
Lokadottir on 01/29/2020
Porororo on 01/17/2020
Feystrom on 01/17/2020
Flames Fuel on 01/17/2020
sweetermann on 11/20/2019
CBB1112 v2 on 10/13/2019
IISleepyGhostII on 09/26/2019
CueCumbers on 09/26/2019


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Not Toast Report | 11/26/2020 12:08 am
Not Toast
blackfire420 Report | 02/13/2020 3:55 am
aww love ya to boo xd
Lillian Vandread Report | 02/06/2020 7:01 pm
Lillian Vandread
My king heart
Lokadottir Report | 01/29/2020 2:26 pm
Blake Byron Report | 01/24/2020 3:18 pm
Blake Byron
thanks, ur username is badass
blackfire420 Report | 01/24/2020 10:52 am
blaugh 3nodding ayy smile
ashlii1 Report | 01/24/2020 2:49 am
Sorry about I am really tired
ashlii1 Report | 01/24/2020 1:26 am
Lol 😂
PrincessSweetieSheep Report | 10/11/2019 11:16 pm
gaia_angelleft ~ Haha, perhaps one day~ I've been busy with work lately, so I am not on here for long periods of time usually. It would be nice to bring back the memories...~ gaia_angelright
Blake Byron Report | 10/03/2019 4:32 pm
Blake Byron
badass reaper avi


"All of which has form will break someday."
― Unknown Proverb


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Death was "born" along with the universe itself and the other cosmic entities associated with it. Whereas Eternity embodies life and growth, Death embodies decay and destruction. As she is a fundamental force, she has no true physical form, but can manifest in such a form as to interact with physical entities. Although she usually appears as a human or human skeleton, presumably it appears to other species in their own forms. Death rarely speaks aloud; its presence alone can usually convey its message.

Death makes its home in the Realm of Death, a dimension normally inaccessible to the living. Death's undead servants there are called minions. The Infinity Well there can answer any question, possibly by giving access to the accumulated wisdom of the dead.

Mortal beings have always strove to make sense of and control their surroundings. This tendency leads to anthropomorphism, the assignment of mortal motivations to impersonal processes or forces. Personifying these forces creates the expectation that communication with them, and thus influence over them, is possible. Traditionally, ordinary mortals have little or no success in swaying Death once it selects a victim.

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My fav person on gaia

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Lillian Vandread
Queen Curve

People I can call friends