well here's my story :] First of all my name is Raquell;Not the qreatest name ever, but still I plan to live my whole life with that name, haha. <3Proud Mexican I'm ?. I qet a year older every ? gotta ask me in pm's and i will tell you! -.- I love meetinq new in terestinq ppl I'm really shy but once you qet to know me more, you'll think I was lieinq about that ;] lol. My favorite color is Purple And Green homie<3 I like briqht colors ^_^ I'm quite random, so I've been told(: Fiqhts make meh lauqh, so If yu try &'make one, I'll just have to push you in front of a movinq car! [&'BAM!)[ :] I'm far from PERfECt. I don't hate anybody, don't plan to, and never will. I may dislike you, but only for what you do. I love any kind of Music, except for Country, everybody says that..but I really DON'T like it, lmaoo. Make me smile&'I'll love you forvever<3 I consider my self awesome like Mac&Cheese, think that's not awesome? Screw you then! Fer me smilinq is one of the prettiest thinqs in the whole wide world(: I smile so much like if it was my job(: My life isn't perfect at all. I don't like judqinq ppl at all, because I don't like to be judqed at all. I'm not a b***h like other ppl. &'I fckinq hate conceited ppl, Or those kinda ppl that think they can do whatever the fck they want. Eff yall. I have uhmazinq friends. I don't really have a life, &'idgaf about about haters, yahh! Lol. Baby this is me take it or leave it. Talk to me! I don't bite(: (that hard ;] send me cmnts :] Peace, Love, Team Raquell! Haha :] i love to swim, play soccar, and cheer. yes i am the captain of cheerleading. and love it. i have lots of friends and i love them (no homo) . iand i love to jerk and hang wit friends. well if you want to know more and im sure you wont need to just message me and i will answer anythin
"☆★~ MEXiiCANS dont just kiss, we make out. ~☆★"
"☆★~MEXiiCANS dont just fore play, we ********!
"☆★~MEXiiCANS dont relax, we chill.
"☆★~MEXiiCANS dont dance, perreamos.
"☆★~MEXiiCANS dont talk bad, we talk s**t.
"☆★~MEXiiCANS lips arent just hot, their the lips you wish you could kiss.
"☆★~MEXiiCANS dont do it, we do it Suavecito.
"☆★~MEXiiCANS are the people you could ALWAy..z trust.
"☆★~MEXiiCANS arent nice, we the s**t.
"☆★~MEXiiCANS arent just friends, WE ARE CARNALES asta la muerte
"☆★~MEXiiCANS arent cool, we are a toda madres!
"☆★~MEXiiCANS arent good lookin, were sexy!
"☆★~MEXiiCANS are blessed when they are born because now were proud to tell everybody that we are MEXiiCAN!
"☆★~MEXiiCANS are...there isnt enough words that could explain how and who MEXiCANS are.