HIA! Im Electra. This is a little something you might want to know. My frnds and family mean the world to me. I have a cat, a sis and my dad and brother died b4 i was born. i liv in cali!! i luv the beach... HENNA!! even with out a dad i luv my life i mean i wish it were bttr sometimes but its just the way i like it. i blow out the candles on june 30th. I AM 12 YRS YOUNG DONT JUDGHE BY DA AGE! i lived in italy 4 5yrs and i luv it there. i think that pplz hu r rasist r horriblee so if u r or ur not sure dnt ever talk to me. Rene plays a big part in my life, my cuzion, she is like a sister to me even tho we go thru the hrdests of times we are always there to help eachother thru it . well thats it. i have a gaia mom named kelsey and i luv her sooooo muchh!
plz dont judge cuz if u do..... well i know pplz! =]] well thats pretty much it.