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ii Teru_chan ii

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Birthday: 07/18

I want these Please..

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Any doubt?

Ello there...
call me whatever u want,.. ll Midori_chan ll was my previous name here and changed it to my current name.
I live at Philippines, and proud to be Pinoy...! Whoo yeaaa
I dont really like random friend requests but love random comments.. ^^

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The Unknown

Me and me Friends
Who the hell is that with the freaky green earrings and freaky green bracelet...?!
ermm, listening to musics..?

Sa Pandayan

Favorites heart

Color: Greeeeeen!! 2nd is blue
Gadget: iPod
Band: Arashi (Jpop band)
Artist: None~
Singer: Ohno Satoshi heart (from Arashi)
Pet: None~ but wanted a puppy ^w^
Food: Noodles
Drink: Water
Country: Dying to visit Japan... BADLY!
Zodiac: Cancer
Song: Almost all Arashi's song, Japanese songs
Subject: eeeppp!
CArtoon character: Animes~ lolz
Books: Manga~ all comedy romance.. heart
Holiday: Christmas
Fave Site: deviantart, gaiaonline (lolz), onemanga, mangafox
Hobbies: Reading Manga, Surfing the Net, Drawing, Singing
At Night: I really love going outside and stare up to the sky, looking up to the stars help me relax and appreciate the wonders of nature. heart
Inside the House: Watching Tv (Animes), drawing a lot ^^
At School: For some weird reason, im not happy-go-lucky anymore *awww* Im more, serious look now, quiet. Yet, im still crazy as i can be.

Im totally inlove with this awesome Jpop band ARASHI!
like OMG...! what can I say,..?!
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4laugh ii Teru_chan ii Weird Facts 4laugh

3nodding She loves green
heart She loves reading manga
heart She loves drawing
heart She always scream the names of ARASHI, one by one. sweatdrop
heart Can be heard murmuring something. Can't understand? xd
heart Loves collecting anime posters.
heart Loves having a cute little puppy but hates taking care of them coz when the dog/puppy dies, she'll have to cry
heart Likes foods 3nodding
heart browsing deviant artists
heart Loves hanging out with nature
heart Staring up to the sky at night is a good way to relax her
heart hates drama in movies or series OR mangas coz... IT"S SOOOO SAD!!! crying crying
heart daydreaming is kinda like her hobby, when nothing else to do
heart dying to go to Japan xd 3nodding
heart Loves to collect 4-Leaf clover materials
heart Once have a dog, but one day, when she returned home from school, Her mother told her that her pet dog was killed by her own Grandpa.
heart Her friend keep on telling her that she is emotional.. o_O
heart Addicted on mangas
heart She's totally addicted on Moymoy and Roadfill... MOYMOYPALABOY..!!
wahahahhah Roadfill, Moymoy,! I wuv you.. *wakapak! pow pow*
"try watching moymoypalaboy" in bubble gang or try youtube =)

Currently Listening To:

"Boku ga Boku no Subete" by ARASHI (Japanese)
"Wasurerarenai" by also ARASHi
"Take me Faraway" by Ohno Satoshi of ARASHI
"Beautiful Days" by ARASHI
"Shuo Ai Ni" by Jolin Tsai (Chinese)

I am cute =3

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caoroo Report | 08/17/2010 4:48 pm
0 SunshineStorm 0 Report | 02/02/2010 10:30 pm
0 SunshineStorm 0
Hi! Sorry for bothering. I just want to let you know there is an Arashi cause going around.
There is a chance to get Arashi (or any other international band) on a show called the Ellen Degeneres show. It is an American show, but people from around the world can "nominate" an international band (the option is non-us under new york).
All you have to do is submit a form giving the reason why the band should be on the show.
Please check it out if you are interested:
CarloPrudon09 Report | 02/16/2009 3:27 am
hoy! babaeng panet! naaalala mu pa ba ko?
caoroo Report | 01/24/2009 5:28 am
hi! wakey wakey! u alive..? =3
XxMajestic_Flame_DragonxX Report | 01/15/2009 2:52 am
edi kapag na chempuhan mo avi ko mahahalata mo naman na ako yun e hahaha ganun na ganun pa rin itsura
si ano nga e lagi kong nakikita sa rally tumatawa lang ako kapag nakikita ko sya hahaha
caoroo Report | 01/12/2009 5:42 am
4 God's sake..! Pls.
dont let it happen again..! ugh..!!
Angelus Demonica Report | 01/10/2009 9:25 am
Angelus Demonica
aw, u r so sweet! whee thank u im doing a theme called "pink and white and maybe a lil bit of red" thank u but u ALWAYS look cute!
The Poor Little Girl Report | 01/10/2009 7:55 am
The Poor Little Girl
ang lamig talaga ng kamay ko >_<
The Poor Little Girl Report | 01/10/2009 7:54 am
The Poor Little Girl
anong year ka na ba?
The Poor Little Girl Report | 01/10/2009 7:24 am
The Poor Little Girl
grbe ka naman!!
pa cheese burger!=[


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