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Birthday: 01/09

Occupation: What Ever I Want To Be

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Name: Adrian
Age: 18
Height: 5'6 1/2
D.o.B./Birthday: 01/09/92
Status: Stolen!! 8 D
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Sexuality: Bisexual : D
Location: Los Angeles, California


"I'd Much Rather Be Hated For Who I Am, Then Be Loved For Who I'm Not."

"True Beauty Shines From The Soul And Warms The World With Its Kindness, Compassion, And Integrity."

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Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God


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Most compatible with: Chibi Seme
Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Opportunist Seme

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IIrawrzPeanut Report | 04/21/2009 12:47 pm
um hi Techno im sorry i didn't mean to give you that skin it was on accident :/ i was paying to the screen and i gave it to you on accident so can i plz have it back?! T-T and i gave it to you on accident so can i have it back plz >:
A Pseudo Intellectual Report | 04/01/2009 7:29 pm
A Pseudo Intellectual
a comment for a joo =3
DkMaGiC Report | 11/29/2008 1:51 pm
Syaoran_Li 089 Report | 11/13/2008 6:46 pm
Syaoran_Li 089
btw nice avi User Image
Bodily Report | 11/09/2008 10:12 pm
okie dokie monseiour

-gives yu marshmellow-
Bodily Report | 11/09/2008 10:04 pm
you say im weird?




Bodily Report | 11/09/2008 9:56 pm
hey mannn its frikin techno vanessa person yo!!
DkMaGiC Report | 11/09/2008 1:23 pm
i don't think we will be able to chill for the next few weeks

got some more bad news about my car

another part went out and i need to get it asap

and it cost about $220


Gawd that car is giving so many problems

so no chilling for while
Tasteless Ecstasy Report | 11/07/2008 5:19 pm
Tasteless Ecstasy

Oh waw, sounds interesting.

> 3<



User ImageUser Image

Tasteless Ecstasy Report | 11/07/2008 5:04 pm
Tasteless Ecstasy


What's that book about? Never heard of it.

OMG!! No converse?!?!?!?!

I got 4 pairs of converse and.

What color are you gonna get them in?

User ImageUser Image

Meh Super Specail Awesome Hits! 8D

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