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okay this ish my list of heros.

mathew henson: a black man growing up in new york at a time of rasism. but henson loved to go exploring. at a young age is parents died. he was left homeless until a capiton of a ship got him to his ship and set sail. the boy wanted to learn the good things need in life to fofill his dreams. the cap. teached him the ways of the bible and how to read and write. as he was 21 the capdied, and henson was kicked off the boat. but soon a great explor named robert was looking for someone to go with him to the north pole. and henson took it. on the way to the north robert got cold feet also know as frost bit. mathew saved him. but this isnt the first time her had saved him. but soon they reached the north pole and robert took all the credit. but in 1960 people notic henson was with him the whole time and he was awarded.

death metal bish

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ello jello's my name is michael. i am 15 i have a lot of friends. i am canadain. i love to skateboard an scooter. i sh single lol but i really dont care,XD. you dont know me or what kinda person i am. i am satanic. i hate stereotypes. i also hate ppl who attack other ppl cuz of there ways or beliefes. i did do some bad things that i dont care much cuz i never look bak or morn. i like death metal and metal and i can help some pop rock. the blacker the barry the sweeter the jucie. but i dont like barrys XD that means i dont date black women. i am not rasice. well thats all im out hell yes
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rob zombie is beast

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