1. The boldest (or most embarrassing) thing I have ever done has to do with my love of books. Or most prominently, romance novels. Yes! I'm a nerd, but also a hopeless romantic. I decided to read a sex scene out loud. Everyone loves to pick on a romance novel, but I'll tell you a secret.... If they are messing with you, just put on your sexiest voice and read it out loud baby. I promise it shuts them right up. Then just wink and walk away. Low key, my face was a tomato for like 30 minuets after, but I count it as a win. ninja

2. 83% Introvert, 17% extrovert. I'm an organization junkie, pro-planning, but I do make sure to carve out dedicated 'be a bum' time. I'm so forgetful I have my planner basically glued to my side. I'm also super awkward, but not in the way you might think. My mind will be so used to hearing "Hey how are you?" that when you walk by and greet with, "Nice day." I'll automatically respond with, "Good, and you?" But I'll keep walking as if I didn't just confuse the hell out of you. Your welcome.

3. Most said sentence...A toss up of "You be (or do) you boo-boo." and "You don't talk to me like that!" (as a joke) If you ever get to a point where you just don't know what to say in response to something, try my second quote. Guaranteed to make people laugh, and let you walk away.

I love:
- Life. Even when I have everything planned, it manages to surprise me daily in some amazing way.
- Food. Enough said
- Books, if you didn't already catch that...
- Debating. There is something so addictive to playing devil's advocate.
- Writing. I'm no where near able to pop out a book, but you can find me creeping through the Barton Forums. Disappearing into a whole another world is a gift I will never return.

It's a Love/Hate:
- People! I find everyone I meet a puzzle, and I love putting the pieces together. However, I will get a head ache and be a bit touchy if I have to be social for days on end. I really do need time to just be in my own head.
- TV. I love series, but standalone anything to me always leave me wanting more of a story, it's so short! That feeling you get after finishing a great series, or book even... It's like an addiction. You try to find one to capture you just as wholly, but it's impossible. Case in point: I just finished The Expanse. I need more!

If you just wanted a brief overview of me, you can skip the top. I won't judge.

I'm a little bit crazy, a lot quirky, a nerd for books and games, I get a hard-on for challenges, I can be awkward, I love writing, and while I don't know you... I'm already positive you're a pretty awesome person.