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Hello people of earth and beyond my name is Yasmin.Can you say that Ya-s-mi-n biggrin Grrrrrrrr great now lets get started.I LOVE dog's Durrr Read da' name people's.I am a total freak when it comes to chocolate so watch out when your eating anything with chocolate and you fell something bite you ^.^ cause' It will be muah & muah as in me not a kiss >;D . I do sometimes love to read manga and watch anime of course . I really dont like people who are rude to other people for no reason its just stupid.I know yall' may hate me for this BUT I ready twilight and only thought that one was good Oh and Team Jacob all the way people he's hot & I dont give a fudge if in the book hes suppose to be the bad guy in my book hes a Hotty ! xDD Well that's a Wrap Gtg Oh and I also love the shane dawson & thecomputarnerd01 videos their weird but that's just the way I love em <3
~ Peace my home skillet biscuit 's Y *0* Y