My name is Mei-Mei.
I live with my 3 sisters, 2 brothers, and both parents. It's a preety big family, and i love it. We always got each other through thick and thin. My parents are young and amazing. That also goes for my brothers and sisters.

My family dont have Gaia, except for me and my sister Mere_Chan. She's the oldest sister, but she dont look old. [in teenager years]
I'm preety young, maybe too young. But not too young.
Our family are into cute things. All of us siblings, have a lovely item with us. My brothers are cutie kind of boys.
Me and my sisters are the same.
My Kind of cute are kitties/kittens. Mere_Chan are into bunnies, same to clearwen_chan.
I Dislike being judge by others who doesnt even know me, i also dislike those so called 2faced people. And mostly, i hate Liars.
I guess that's all I can say.
I would like to make a lot of friends. If you have any questions, just message it. Kk, Bye-Bye!