OMG Android!

I'm the girl who is absolutly mental.

I am currently questing the monthly collectables and items that I lost when I was hacked... They meant alot to me so any help towards getting them back would be very much appreciated.

Known as KatatheeKarrot, Kayki, Kayte, KatieKitty, Katie, Kay-t etc.
Call me anything you want, as longs as it isn't insulting smile
Born on Friday 13th during a meteor shower <33
I'm part English, Irish, Irish-American, Welsh and Sicilian, and proud!
I am not a can of soup... So don't label me!
I'm bisexual... Deal.
Luke, My Family, Jodie, Stacy, Yamii, Kirsaga, Sammy and Ness are the most important people in my life <--- Not in any order.
Green is the most ultimate colour >3
I do, reply to random note's.
I am such a Gohan freak... So as you can guess... Favourite anime would be Dragon Ball Z.
I absolutely love horror, gore and freaky deaky films like Battle Royale, Ginger Snaps, Saw etc etc.

I'm a How To Train Your Dragon fan <3
I'm a Battle Royale fan <3
I'm a Doctor Who fan <3
I'm a Grey's Anatomy fan <3
I'm a House fan <3
I'm a Stargate SG-1 fan <3
I'm a FF7 fan <3
I'm a FF8 fan <3
I'm a FFX fan <3
I'm a FF13 fan <3
I'm a Harvest Moon fan <3
I'm a Sim's fan <3

I'm generally a nice person && I love to make new friends ^3^

Gift arts and donations are loved ;D

loves the cold side of a pillow...<3

"A life without cause is a life without effect" - Barbarella

ღ Katie X Lukie 14/10/07

-- You are my world, my soul, my entire existance. xxx ilysfm xxx heart

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whehe thankies xD lets be bubs ;P
Akira Yakazami Hikate

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Akira Yakazami Hikate

np 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh
Akira Yakazami Hikate

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Akira Yakazami Hikate

happy b-day 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh

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txs for the buy
Oo ViolentDelight oO

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Oo ViolentDelight oO

nice avi~

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Hey thx for buying @ my store! I really appreciate it! xd 3nodding . Hehe,I'm also a major GOHAN fan 2 and I LUV HOW 2 TRAIN UR DRAGON! TOTALLY WICKD AWESOME!! xd 3nodding whee talk2hand 4laugh BTW,ur avi is like...PERFECT.. 3nodding Plus,I luv da color GREEN 22!! xd

Well,take care & thx a bunch! xd mrgreen 3nodding biggrin -SSS12 heart cheese_whine
Laird of Dunans

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Laird of Dunans

Stopping by to thank you for your purchase.

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That's good. lol~

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Lol. It's okay. I hope it will and if not I can just resend my reply

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Awwww I love your avi~! Lol


I am currently questing the MC'S and items that I lost when I was hacked... They meant alot to me so any help towards getting them back would be very appreciated! Details Here!

Take a look at my Deviant Art ^^ heart
OMG Android! 4laugh