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hiya! i have many names. jehun. jessiah. jessica. jess. jessie (hate that one), jae. those are the most common ones.
i am 15 years young, and currently living in iowa. it super sucks!

my obsessions include: pandas, going, green, super junior, dbsk, epik high, kyumin, hanchul, pickles, chinese food, trot music, yunjae, yoosu, yaoi, nabari no ou, ohshc, shugo chara, d. grayman, one piece, we were there (bokura ga ita), crimson hero, hot gimmick, waking up and dancing at 4 in the am, stem-cell research, jumping on my bed, running around town like an idiot...theres more but i don't want to use up all of gaias storage.

the things i hate are: homophobes, jerks, whores, preps, school, drugs, naruto, tums, crappy phones, crayola markers, dull knifes, obnoxiously shiny things, crooked fingers (DAMN THINGS!), elbow fat, anti-suju/dbsk/epik high fans, anoyying people, crying babies, animal expirements, child abuse, animal abuse, even more.

i am a pretty down-to-earth-family-oriented kind of person.

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