About me ( Misaki Loves Andy )

Hello People i am Misaki Mayen ( have a middle name but its too long )
ok one my b-day 2/24 ( 22 years old now )
idc if you call me old or not.
I have a short temper,and i am mostly calm and hyper.
also i am a NERD i like Star wars and Star Track yup.
I am not afraid to be weird in public so ya i will WEAR that odd hat you saw and said no one will never wear that.
The best shoe brand "is" the shoes with holes/scrapes/thingamabobs on 'um
why? because every thingamabob has a memory/story well sometimes.
so ya i wont fit in with you ( maybe ).
I am going to be a teacher for 6th and 12th grades in September so ya.
Also i am "GAY" idc what you say i love my hubby Andy
i love him more then my life and anyone also he my Mr. ^^
( i ish the seme if you knwo what that means :3 )
Oh ya i likes Anime so talk to me i like making friends sometimes ^^
OH AND i am Japanese/Guatemalan/French
so ya thats me sorry for the boring read i guess and whet ever for now :3

♪( Misaki ♥ Andy )♪