About the Bat

I thought it was about time I updated this (not that anyone reads it but hey, if you do, leave an obscure message for me and laugh as I try to figure out why, or... you know, let me know).

Hello! My name is Valentina! If that's too long, Bookie or Val or Tina work just as fine~ I have no personal preference for any of them.

I was born and raised in the middle of nowhere California and often live there or in Seattle.
Seattle is where I hopefully end up when I settle because I have a love for gloomy days and lots of rain and dogs.

Jesika is my favorite ♥ We've been gaia and irl besties for almost a decade. Enough said.

I have seasons of Gaia famine, where I'll go for months without logging in (mostly due to college), but I've been pretty active lately!

Thanks to that activity, I've met some of my favorite people!
My space husband aka Nopos Zed aka THE BEST EVER aka Nops ♡ and I met at the leftovers of a gaian wedding where we quickly discovered we were soulmates and that's all it took ♡
And lets not forget my space family, my sugar child, cat cafe Avalon crew, my friends I send dog & plant photos to, and much much more. Lovely people make my day and they've been successfully doing that for weeks now.

2017 has not been a great year for my family, my health, or other things. Shocking right? I currently have a lot of health problems and a desperate need for some wholesome craziness, so if you've got some to share . . . ! I'm always open! More the merrier! Also, my dog passed away on 7/6/17. Any jokes to cheer me up would be greatly appreciated~

Speaking of dogs!!! I am usually a lush due to my bad health, but I'm lucky to be a dog walker! It's one of the best jobs in the world! even if I am a cat person at heart.

Likes include:
❥ Haikyuu!!
❥ Batman (Robin especially)
❥ Animals (share pictures, please~)
❥ Plants (especially indoor houseplants and succulents)
❥ Listening to new music (so PM me!)
❥ Lighthearted drama

Dislikes (or things that make feel awkward I guess) include:
✘ Those who don't put their shopping carts away
✘ Small-minded people or people lacking empathy
✘ Seafood (but I'm trying to reform, I promise)
✘ Personally drinking and cussing
(I don't do it. You can though.)
✘ Dirty talk and jokes
(Again, you can do it, but I haven't a clue how to join in the conversation, lol)
✘ Failure, being inadequate, not being my best.
(no pressure, me. lol.)

I could tell you more, but if you got this far, you might as well PM me or something! Talk to me! I'm chatty and sarcastic if you'd like.

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