About Me:

Nickname/s: Ice, Icy
Gender: Female
Hubby: 'Allen_Jie'

Hi! Thanks for dropping by~

I'm a full-blooded Asian. English isn't my first language,
but I'm confident my English vocab is sufficient for casual banter.
I love dogs. I love anime, manga, webtoons, and Korean drama.
I love food. I like talking about anything that comes to mind.

I joined GAIA on the13th of January 2011 to search for new friends.
Thankfully, I found awesome individuals who made my stay here worthwhile.
Years back, I hang around towns 2040, but now, I mostly lurk in the marketplace..
Sometimes, in art forums and charity/quest thread forums.

It was a stroke of luck when I met Allen_Jie thru this website.
And to this day, we are still writing OUR story.
Thanks, GAIA Online, you're the bridge that made it possible for me to meet him.

Leave me a comment (っˆーˆ)っ
Chat me at my quest thread or my CB thread.