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The names jamie.
Nothing famous , just me . I'm everything you wouldnt like to meet , but i'll be the one that you'll end up falling for. Very open because i learned that i don't have forever to make everything alright . I'm perfectly imperfect and i'll never get to the point where i call myself "perfect?" i think my past would ruin that - yes . I wouldn't be as good as i am now if i didn't change and if i didnt get my head out of the drama . I'm taken & everything is amazing <3! I only have my trust in one person , and that is Tiesha Faye Kennedy, i don't knowe where i would be without her!<3. I miss the things i "used to have," like crazy but i cant live in the past anymore ? >.< -endofstory! i dont even care what people think of me anymore , im me and im staying this way ? im everything that i thought i wouldnt be and i only changed for the bettter . i would die without my bestfriend and family , literally! i hate when people "try" to hurt me or "try" to act like their better then me ? because nmw - im always going to be better then you and i will not be hurt by anything or anyone ever again . im always going to be right here , whether you like it or not . ive been through so much in the past year and i dont even knowe why i put up with it ? Ill never be let down again and for the "person," or "people" that think just because we dont have each other anymore and they think that they can push me out of their life like i was never there , why dont you just man - up and admit it ? i hate drama , and i keep myself out of it now . im sick of all of this immature drama and im nothing else , other then myself - i dont care what you think . I'm me & your you . don't doubt me , bye&,
im me at: xoIluvyou108ox




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if u wont to be my friend just request me and maybe i will add u well bye ttly


!!%$#AwEsOmE bRoThEr#$%!!

<3 My PrEtEnD dAuGhTeR <3

**aLmOsT tWiN**

<3 My OtHeR PrEtEnD DaUgHtEr <3

!! BeStFrIeNd !!

^_^ JaSoN ^_^

this is me in real life

DrEaM aVi

<3 Bestest Buddie :)

PLZZZ!!!! donate any item for my dream avi i would appericate it alot and anyone that did would be reconized on my profile!!!! soo i would really appericate if u would plz donate any item for my dream avi!! thanks please DONATE