My name is Maria. Me! I'm a 16 year old Mexican chica and I STILL love cupcakes.
I'm from, as my sister would say, Somewhere in the U.S. lol

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: David my life, my world, my love since 05/30/13

I have a nice family I love them alot, especially my older sister Selena (: I know my info is boring but who cares its not suppose to entertain.

More about me:

-I don't like drama
-I no longer hang in the Rally or VH, avoiding drama, but i can be seen sometimes with my gaia children ^ __ ^
-Im nice if you wanna be my friend you can add me just as long as u talk to me (:
-I love Austin Mahone! <3
-I'm a total Nicki Minaj fan xd
-aaaaand...I love Leo Howard from the Disney XD show Kickin It emotion_kirakira he is so dreamy