Abouut mehh(;

Mmm, hey its diana ive changed since the last time ive been on gaia mhmm so here we go,
Diana Aguilar Be thee name;;Eastwood Knolls(:;;Im average as in 5'2";; extreamlyy easy to get along with;;Leave thee DRAMA 4 ur momma SERIOUSLY!;;im down 4 just bout anything(:;;iI'll tell U straight out;;Christofer Drew/Drake[♥] 2 GORGOUS GUYZ;; CloseFriends: MarissaRamirez, BryannaSoto LynzieDibbler!. dianaNicoleMartell<3333IsabellaVazquez(:, StephanieMunoz(:, GabbiSanchezz(: JuanDiazz(: Beaver (*********), MatthewCostello, MatthewSolano, BrandonCortez(:, CarlosMartinez, and my bestest friend ever!!!! cynthiaa(:;;MOM&&DAD are my heroes!&&Always will bee;; ohh&&NeverShoutNever!!<3! lol;;CAUTION!! im ranndom!! [ask anyone];;and Im not perfect&&Never will bee;;Im Taken!!!<333;;Writing;;Drawing;; Reading;;MOVIES!;; Singin (all tho i would never join thee CHIOR);;Bein told no, because i know im not gonna listen anyhow lol,;;Taco Bell;;makin wackazz liddo movies with the video camera
haahaa, &&YOU!;;My Life is Label-less...&& Lets leav it tht way kayy?(;;;;ulll see mee smiling mostly

lipgloss;;eyeliner;;texting!<3;;BasketBall&&Volleyball!!;;Im HELLA WEIRD!!! lol,;;Dont care for ur opinion less i ask 4 it;;>Stickers make everything better!!!
lol haahaa,;;yeaa yeaa soo U read all this! Honey you still dont know mee(;,...you dont even know half my life.so why dont you get 2??

Hitt mee upp!(;