still got hoes checkin up on me


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- Bella Ma Viziosa Report | 08/14/2011 10:12 pm
0h yeaah
by thaa waay ,
i was lookin at yur profilee
since i havent been on itt in likee
i reaad whaat yuh saiid abouut mee
on yur pagee next to my avii ..
uhmm ,
looks like yuh caan writee something
neww fer thaa fact im goin no where
and i mean NO WHERE this timee (:
- Bella Ma Viziosa Report | 08/14/2011 6:02 pm
chris !
yeaah yuh better still bee
on gaiaa
cauuusee i misss yaa
annd we needa do AL0T
of catchin uhp .
buut shxtt ;
ivee been g0od - l0ts of things happening
buut yaa knoow .
how about yuh ?
- Bella Ma Viziosa Report | 06/18/2011 8:15 pm
-big huugg-
daaamn its beeen ferever
sinceee i tlked to yuhhh .
shxtt how yuh beeeen ?
i miissed ya asz t0o .
yuh gonna bee on gaiaa moree ?
- Bella Ma Viziosa Report | 01/23/2011 6:11 pm
heeeey chriss .
justt gott yur commentt ..
i havee likee a thousannd comments
saayin i miss yuh annd shxtt to mee XP
im not gonna be on heree likee all tha timee
likee i used too but yuh will see mee onliinee at timmes.
DaniSelD Report | 10/23/2010 8:42 am
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User Image
II-Takis Report | 01/01/2010 8:27 pm
notta much juz bored
DaniSelD Report | 01/01/2010 6:45 pm
hey whats up
II-Takis Report | 12/28/2009 5:38 pm
hey man wutz up
- Bella Ma Viziosa Report | 12/13/2009 7:58 pm
- Bella Ma Viziosa Report | 12/13/2009 7:53 pm
l0L souunds g0od .
im tryna get lustyy .. but i need at
least 30k .
ii- BFresh-Chris
- Bella Ma Viziosa

<- - - - - - Thats ii-MzCookie-x da best mane chick

My cuz in real! I LOVE YOU DANIELA!

My gaia cuz ey u da bezt cuz i love u no homo..

My other cuz in real

sometimes ppl say i look like chris brown but i kno im the better lookin also i dont beet girlz.

the first mane chick i meet here on gaia she da best n dam it sux cuz she wuz dat 1 chick i cud tlk 2 n na she juz lef she quit n it sux she wuz de best n still iz. i miss her..