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My name is Ayame; I'm 13; born February on the 4th; I'm a Chickaa

I ask a lot of questions and I'm totally a freak, but the nice and cool kind. haha. I love talking to random people and I love random gifts [/nudge nudge; hint hint]

I don't like nosey people or people who think they're amazing and have so much pride in themselves.

I tend to act all smart when I don't like someone. lol. And I try to be calm when I'm mad; doesn't work out a lot of times though. haha ^^''

I love reading stories and poems so if you ever need anyone to possibly read one of your creations I will read them (: .

Don't be afraid to talk to me; I won't bite unless it's nessesary.

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x. Ayame ♥

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