Okaii I'm An Asian Person Addicted To Friendship!!!! biggrin
I'm Thai And Laos!! XD
Name:..........Strangers Must Not Know!! Srry Thats You
Age:Must Not Know Unless ur Close to ME!!
Music:Anything if its good!!
Fav Fruit razz each,Lychee,Mango,Strawberry,Watermelon,and Honeydew..
Drinks biggrin EW,SOBE,Ice Tea,and Thai Tea..
Colors razz urple,Green,Turqoise,Yellow,Orange,and Black
About:i watch lots and tots of Youtube mostly asian people lik Kevjumba,Ndtitanlady,and Wong Fu Productions and MORE...
my birthday is september 12!!!and P.M me if you wanna kno MORE!!