ooo you just stepped into my world(:
beware. its very dark and messy and theres rainbow unicorns flying around.

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for teh stalkers~

So my names Amy and im still in school and i like cows and music and my family and my friends and i like hugs and i wana be a OCTOPUS so i can hug 8 ppl at a time YAY. I think i have ADHD. i wonder what ADHD stands for.

Im asian and im RIDIN SOLO!!~~ Im like really clumsy and stuff but i like to try new stuff even though i fail at eveything T^T so i like drawing and and being creative i think....? OMG DISTRACTION JIANT LLAMA BUTT. dramallama oh i enjoy doing this bbcoding thing on gaia it hurts my eyes (:

so i joined gaia when i was what, 9? BUAHAHAHA. im not 9. im like what, 13? 17? well WHO CARES. NO DO U THINK ANYONE CARES WHAT I GOT ON MY SAT? MY GPA? MY SOCK COLOR? GET OUT OF MY FACE. and ive been hacked, this shows how stupid i am. and i quit gaia a few months ago but oh look im back on, its too addicting.


i like llamas. and turtles. and pandas and cows. dont be a hater.
smileeee god loves you!


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Randomness will take over the world

YAY YAY, ok so this is now my online "Diary" XD fun fun, ok so im just gonna post crap, i think is...INTRESTING



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hey, still playing gaia online?

Report | 09/10/2010 2:33 pm


so... how are you after this long time?? playing anything besides gaia?

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hi... do you remember me?
i played gaia last time in january 2008 =D
i think i will still playing gaia now.
cyaa =)

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biggrin haha i'm so hobo i can't even afford shoes... xd

Report | 07/27/2010 4:55 pm


thanks for buying
Robaato Matsumoto

Report | 04/08/2010 10:13 am

Robaato Matsumoto

Ahahah, first time I sign on in years.

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Robaato Matsumoto

Report | 11/28/2009 6:37 am

Robaato Matsumoto

yeah, i havent been on gaia in forever either. xD

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Ours start on Wednesday.



Am a [/color:d6affaf19d]
Happy bunny[/color:d6affaf19d]
That goes around [/color:d6affaf19d]
turning things into[/color:d6affaf19d]
pretty rainbows(:[/color:d6affaf19d]
with my magic wand. [/color:d6affaf19d]
double rainbow [i:d6affaf19d]all the way![/i:d6affaf19d]