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sharingxn on 07/01/2019


Liam - 21 - Transgender - He/Him - Artist - Lazy af?
I have definitely changed over the time from when i first started Gaia to now.
I dont get on much but i do miss so many of you guys. Please feel free to message me with your Discord account if you have one or if we were super close feel free to ask for my # so we can text.
Other places to find me are my Deviantart really cause as i said im an artist so heres the link ~

People have nicknamed me :
Amatzu ~ Ama for short
there are more nicknames as well that i cant put on here
I dont care what people call me so if you wanna nickname me something weird go ahead.
Sexual Orientation
I am Aceflux this means that i tend to switch my preference aka one time i will like females and males or just females or just males or no one at all... I am also a panromantic which means i can get romantically involved with anyone but not sexually unless ive established a close enough connection with my partner BIG difference
I am male. More specifically i am transgender
I am Single.
I can be mean and can get angry really fast.
If you really piss me off i can be really cold to you. To avoid pissing me off most times just don't poke me, pat me, or call me little/any word meaning little.
I am a major animal lover.
I love animals alot that is why i want to be a vet.
I am shy.
I am really shy in fact im not really a people person so i dont do well with new people. I try to stay away from them actually..
I don't care for drama.
If you wanna come to me with drama or some s**t like telling me about you're fights and things like that don't do it cause i wont care nor listen to it. If you try to use me as a shield when your cracking on others and they are attacking you i wont jump in because its not my place. Always been told two sides to every story so its best i stay out of it. I will move away but thats just me and i probably wont talk to either party for awhile just to stay from it all...
I am a major book person
I love reading and i always have a book with me wither its poetry books to horror by my fav authors RL Stine, Christopher Pike or even Stephen King
My birthday
September 3rd~
Oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness, Bringing torment and pain to others,Oh damned soul wallowing in your sin,Perhaps it is time to die -Hell Girl***

Im not a fighter but i fighter for what i love and believe in.***

I dont care how old you are you dont respect me i dont respect you.***

Stand strong no matter what is layed down here no matter what puts you down get up and climb higher nothing stands in my way.***

Luck isnt getting what u want.. Its surviving what u dont want -The Red Band Society***

Red roses red roses we will all be red roses.. Cant see cant see my eyes cant see... Wont live wont live this body wont live**Lindsay


2 brothers ♥ Jayden and Jiro are long time brothers of mine though all three of us barely get on and barely talk anymore i still love them.. That wont ever change and im always happy to talk to them little time i do. They will always hold a special place in my heart and i do miss them terribly so and wish that one day we can all get together.
Brother ♥ Drag who has been with me though alot of drama that seems to find me. Hes helped me and we have had ALOT of fun times and i cant believe how random and weird we act at times but i would never change that
My group, ♥ Autumn ♥ Nicole ♥ Emil ♥ Stef ♥ Ashley ♥ Primm ♥ Connor ♥ Tom ♥ Ame ♥ So many others
I love these guys with all my heart i enjoy being on skype calls with them they all mean alot to me. They have all been there for me at one point or another!
Word for no reason
Anatine! = Resemble a duck
Jiro the Demon
II Apples II
Reachel Akairo
Jaden the Fang

My two brothers who i mention in my About Me I miss these two and i hope they are following their dreams and achieving their ambitions

Literally my favorite ex girlfriend who is a really close friend of mine since 2013ish. I love you my dude!