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Sometimes i feel so lonely....I need more friends who actually talk to me >.<
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Hi hi!~ My name well should i say full....there could be creepers ninja awell TT~TT Lemmi die young of age i dont care My full name is Scarlette Victoria De La Cruz.....I am about 75% mexican and proud of it, phynix >.> and lisy = =''.....i have a few cousin that are on here who love and care for me like phynix a.k.a phynixknight, umm lisy a.k.a lisypeasy101, Sierra a.k.a Andi Kandi, Tenny a.k.a Tennylain and tennylain2 xD and thats all of them that i got on my friends list Q~Q ANYWAYS on with this show this is about me not you guys biggrin no jk that was mean sad ok so well im a pretty laid back person..... im a Loca comica Mexicana!~ XD Well thats wat adre calls me...along with this SUPER LONG name... like Scarlitto Skippito- nvm i dont wanna mess it up and look like a retard on my own profile sweatdrop Ok well i love to hang out with friends so please chat wif meh!~ sorry if i dont answer i might be killing my sister for killing hobos >: O Not nice lisy <.<'' And micky and tenny i know u guys do it to dont like >~< Ok well i guess im kinda bad at this huh o.< sorry for making you read was kinda a waste but hey....its kinda about me right


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BandBurry17 Report | 07/05/2014 9:11 am
Will you take 300k on the fairy wings?
Twenty-Second Report | 07/03/2014 8:02 am
cool avi
ShadowStriker35 Report | 06/04/2014 8:35 pm
why yes I am xD
I was curious to whatever happened to my account whee
Mr_King_Endymion0012 Report | 05/12/2014 10:19 am
Hello your nice avatar i sold from your status.
j8ed Report | 04/26/2014 10:39 am
Thanks for the purchase! heart
Tsuwkqi Report | 04/19/2014 6:45 pm
heart Thanx 4 buying heart
cute avi 3nodding
DOs Forehead Report | 03/30/2014 9:11 pm
DOs Forehead
son. i am very disappoint. by the time you read this and the otehr, youd be facepalming, while Hazy carelessly takes a nap on your sandwich yum_burger , which your husband made. i do not approve of you husband, therefore i must say HAHA! but you never twerked on every person you see, OR picked up that pen, so i must report you to the ghetto police
wahmbulance woowoo ghetto police put yo bottoms in da air like u just dont KAREE and TWURKK wahmbulance
DOs Forehead Report | 03/30/2014 9:06 pm
DOs Forehead
awe c'mon son i dont kill hobos anymore emotion_awesome
cant we just be bros son emotion_brofist
angelface0700 Report | 03/30/2014 11:48 am
thanks for buying
Replay Button Report | 04/17/2013 4:45 am
Replay Button
Thanks for the purchase!
Hope you enjoy it smile
Andi Kandi
DOs Forehead
DOs Forehead
Hoshi Kida


she was my first friend i had on gaia

This was my like...3rd friend i should say when i went to lbms? Well this is a true buddy who will always stand up for you even if he doesn't get a chance to have a real convo with you X3 If money in the basket never happened... I dont think i would have made it through 6th grade!

longest talker!! She brings back the fantasy/myth that there are such things of dumb blonds XD I love her 2 death and she is one of meh besties!! Sebastian...More tea! And also get that stupid Alois out of here! I dont like being licked all the time. One more order, Someone please kill Grell already!

Adre....where do i start! She was the first friend I made when i came back to Texas and she will always have a place in my heart~<33 Love yah Girlie! She will always be my right hand Gal when we have to work at Tiger Paw ;) xDDD Please... If you meet her in real life dont leave her until she makes you some food! Whenever she cooks its like heaven in your mouth... sometimes x3






This is my real life family!~

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Human C Potion
Donna del Carnevale (Hair and pearls)
Attitude Alleycat (Hair Extensions)
Default Mouth 1
Wendy's Brown Caring Eyes
SOF Tundra (Corset)
Dark Omen (Gathered Overskirt)
Wisteria (Skirt)
Beyond Lavender (Legs)

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Human C Potion
Donna del Carnevale (Hair and pearls)
Attitude Alleycat (Hair Extensions)
Default Mouth 1
Wendy's Brown Caring Eyes
Black Widow (Carapace Corset)
Happy End (Innocent Stance (2))
Team Durem Uniform (Skirt)
Tisiphone’s Vengeful Grace (Tisiphone's Coyness)