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My Name is Lora And im Prettie Straiqht Forward,... i Can Be ah Bihtch but ill be the sweetest girl too .. i can be a meaniee . but only if your a fhuk face . steal my shxt ill steal ur lifee.
Fhxk teenager years Fhxk Any1 who's Ever stabbed you in the back.fhxk all the times that you thought you meant more to someone than you actually did. fhxk falling for someone only to have them crush you .fhxk teachers and their high expectations of you. fhxk anything that's tried to tell you what to do. fhxk anything that's ever come in your way of happiness.fhxk being human. making mistakes. and feeling bad about them later on in your life .. fhxk haters and what they think .
What ihh Like :
Singinq , Drawing , Boysz , .. i Love life livinq it to the fullest ..
Im sinqlee . Andd Hatiin ihtt . HMU </3
Ask forr Anythinqq Else.
| Dr Pepper |
RIP Anthony Gillette </3 september ,9 ,2010 ): You Will be Missed <3


She Screaminq Papi
no mas stuff
-Lectra Badd
Tev XD
Acid Piss
II Amorr II
II Amorr II
Niqqa Itz Amor
no mas stuff

Brotha Alex <3

My Daughter <3

Olivia <3 My Twin <3 This is What a true friend looks like <3 Real Life and on gaia <3 :] i Love you sister/Bestfriend <3 ! <3

heart heart heart

I've Known These Two Guysz Sence We All Were Pure Noobsz <3They Are My Main niggi's <3 i Love You Danny And Oliviaa. <3 Besties And Niggis For life ;D

These Three ;
Amazinq People =)