I'm a pretty laid back person just take life as it comes, if something doesn't work out get on with it the best you can and move on. I am still young and the opportunities are still numerous.

I have the most beautiful girlfriend.CASSANDRA!, in the few months I've known you you've made me more happy then I've been in my entire life. I can honestly say my life started the day I met you.I know we have so many more happy times to come, so to you my sweet, I love you : ] xxxxxxxxxxxx

I am not a set person, meaning I have no idea where I'm going to end up and in general no idea in what direction my life is heading, which is precisely how I like it. As long as I keep working and pay my own way at this time I don't feel a need to concentrate on a career, this may be stupid to some people and in a way it is to me but I love waking up and not knowing what's going to happen,knowing that something new and exciting could be just round the corner is how I like to live.

I'm still in highschool...i have one year left C: so hopefully I'll pass it

I enjoy the simple things in life, long walks on a sunny day (or rainy if I'm in the mood). Experiencing new surroundings/people.

Can't go a day without listening to music, i wont go into detail of every band or artist i like but most of it falls under metal,rock,indie,trance/rave,hip-hop,r&b and some others, I'm pretty open to all.


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Merry Christmas

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to you all a lovely, wonderful, fullfilling, caring
graceful, faithful, kind, loyal, fun, silly,
happy, honored, gentle, great time
Merry Christmas everyone!

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Haii thurr
X-Men Mutant Rogue

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X-Men Mutant Rogue

I would like to personally thank you for voting for me in the arena.

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am fine..yourself?