Hey there stranger/friend/stalker. I'm assuming you're here cause you want to know more about me, so I guess I'll satisfy your dying needs 8D

My name is *****, but I prefer people to call me Juicebox, Juice, Crazy, Lover, Bestie, BFF, *****, Stupid Troll, and Creep. Or as older gaia members remember, I used to call myself Cherri....I'm quite embarrassed by that xD But anyways, I'm still the same person except you know more mature and witty and amazing and gorgeous HAHAHAH jk I'm just bored. So I don't even know what to write for these things cause it feels like I'm talking to myself, and isn't that what crazy people do? Though I guess my friends all say that, not that they can talk cause they're like off the charts crazy town (<3 you guys) I feel like this is a big block of text so I'ma start a new line. Enter.

So here are some random facts about me.

-I love singing and dancing. You'll often find me in my room doing both and looking like a complete idiot.

-My taste in music is so diverse. It depends on my mood, but I have like all genres in my library.

-So you know how a way to a girl's heart is chocolate and pick-up lines? The way to my heart is PASTA, PASTA, and let's see...PASTA.

- My favorite subjects to study and recite stuff and seem smart are stuff about the human body, biology, spelling, grammar, reading, languages, and..............uh......I can't think of anymore.

- I am geographically retarded. I don't even try to be all stupid cause that's annoying. I literally have like no common sense when it comes to geography. I think I crashed my head on a lamp when I was little while looking at a map so based on the Freudian theory, I guess it traumatized me and now I'm just geographically challenged, which a lot of people judge me for >.>

- I played piano and quit. I did ballet and quit, I practiced drawing and quit. I studied fashion and quit. I played volleyball and quit. I played tennis and quit. I swam and quit. I tried cross-country and quit. I tried to learn Japanese and quit. I did tap dance and quit. I tried sewing and quit. I tried hip hop and quit Basically, I'M A QUITTER. YEA THAT'S RIGHT I'M NOT ASHAMED TO ADMIT IT. I'm totally kidding, this is my WORST QUALITY. I quit at everything I tried so now I'm really well-rounded but not good at anything. Except maybe singing? I don't know, don't wanna jinx it. I really regret quitting piano, ballet, and art because right now I wish I had mad skills in those areas, but I don't. SOB. I'm a poop.

- I play League of Legends. Yea yea girl gamer, heard it enough. But it's SO addicting. I was totally not interested the first time my brother showed me, but now I play it like everyday. It takes some getting used to, but it's so worth it. SO FUN.

- I always have to walk to the left side of people. It's so queer.

- My biggest fear is being stranded in the middle of the ocean, trying to stay afloat, not knowing what is laying thousands of feet below me, and the possibility of an oceanic predator consuming me alive.

- I have extremely twisted dreams.

- I love being random.

- I love being mature when people don't expect it of me. I am capable >.>

-I'm human. I make mistakes, just as you make mistakes, just as he or she makes mistakes. And the worst thing is that sometimes we forget that.

- Don't be afraid to talk to me =) I'm friendly, and I won't bite....the first time anyways.


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ALL RIGHT. I guess I'll trust your judgement. Would I have to spoon someone who's dead from forking? D:
Sounds kinda nasty.
HAHAHHAH. We should ;'DDD Maybe..... I don't even know. HOW ABOUT GOING KARAOKING? SOUNDS LIKE FUN.
And btw, the FOB student is NONE of those. Probably one of the least attractive guys I've ever really imagined.
But he's nice. Kind of.

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Aww poor baby.~ YOU WANT ME TO FORK THEM?
o 3o Sure~ I'll ask~ We should go to the mall or something 8D It'd be fun~
I'll have to see whether or not I'll need to teach my FOB student english though.

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And why is your avi so sexy? D< Now I have to stare at it and ponder whether or not I should draw.
R 3 G I S Said you suggested Thursday??

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Report | 07/16/2012 4:20 pm


:C I was going to start the thread today, but my tablet is being retarded. GRAHHHH. HATE HATE. </3

Report | 07/14/2012 10:45 pm


:/ I tried that before, idiot. Except it says JOIN ME IN FORUMS. I don't do forums, hon. = v =

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Babe, LINK ME.

Report | 07/14/2012 6:10 pm


AHAHAHAHHAH WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? It's too bad that my pixels radiates hotness waves to your poor brain?
And YES. I COMPLETELY AGREE. Next weeked? Are you busy or something this week even though it's summer? XD

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HAHAHAHAHAH HEYYY. I didn't expect you to go on so soon. o 3o Sorry about the late reply. I always forget to check my profile repliessss.
I will open it sometime soon. I just don't know when I'll be able to have enough time to draw all the time. xD

Don't worry, hon. You're not the only one who creeps around their friends 8D I am a master stalker. Seriously.
You like them??? REallyy???? I'm so flattered * A * I will draw you sometime, no worries. But pffttt. Gold? We need to open an auction thingy that only lasts for like..... 2 days..... xD
Then we can get monies. o 3o

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howdy you big lump