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Techno love

Things you probably want to know about me.

Hey the names Justin. I am 20 year old ((male)), I live in California. ((USA)im a high school graduate working on going to college.

Ive taken a job up as a Physical therapist aid. Ill more than likely pursue this part of the medical field because it just seems like the easiest / decent money earning job i can think of that i enjoy doing.

Also as a hobby i have decided to pick up photography and sell my photos. the only reason i think my photos are good is because i see the world differently through the eyes of a camera lens and i can capture things that people wouldn't normally find beauty in, . . kind of abstract in a way but still really pleasant to the eyes. ((Experimental photographer))

I'm actually really shy, but if you interest me ill more than likely talk back to you =] especially if your a cute Asian.

- Likes -
J pop
Alternative rock
Playing my bass guitar
I like how pill capsules will glow under bright lights
Cute Asians
Small dogs
Competitive gaming as well as regular gaming
Swords and knives (collects)
Building things
ect. ((More will be added when i feel like it))

- Dislikes -
Racist people
People who make me racist
Most country music
People calling me "little Justin" clearly im not little (6"3 and kinda chubby)
Little kids screaming in the morning when im trying to sleep
Mexican gangsters
people who think they are better than me
Stupid people
Girls who have cheated on me and future girls who will cheat on me ((if there are any that will cheat))
ect. ((More will be added when i feel like it))

love the thought of having power but get bored when I control a system.

I'm a pervert. I'm crude to my friends and shy/innocent to people I dislike/don't know....

Awwww yeeeeaaaaahhhh

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Birthday: 08/31


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My nub made this for me ;3

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pie-boy 245
Meti Masamune
Mist3r Thr33
Chaotix Bluix

Shes a cool freind and shes good at drawing =o thanks panda =]

This here is Meti ive known him for a while.. lost him and now i found him again through a stroke of luck and being at the right place and right time heh, hes too cool definitely worth while to get to know him.