I Love...
<3 ... Nice people
<3 ... Blue and Purple
<3 ... Seafood
<3 ... Sour Patch Watermelons!!! <3
<3 ... Chatting and meeting new people
<3 ... Being nice and hospitable
<3 ... Kanata Hongo
<3 ... Asian Dramas
<3 ... J-Pop
<3 ... The Veronicas

I'm random at most times and my mood changes according to what happens in in my life. I love too much music to name them all. I will always love J-Pop and asian dramas, they are totally the best. :] I'm asian, Filipino & Chinese, though I consider myself Filipino and not really Chinese at all. (I am Filipinese for flippin awesome. wink )I love making graphics and I usually make my profiles now, due to an addiction, but I'll probably use someone else's creations when I get too lazy. I plan on becoming a graphic designer and sharpening my skills within the next few years. I am in love with Kanata Hongo, refer to the section below, I just think that he is so adorable and he's awesome even especially when he's pouting or mad! ♥ I have a love for nice people who try to be semi-literate.

I Dislike...
</3 ... the word "hate"
</3 ... people who don't try to be literate
</3 ... people who use the word "love" too freely
</3 ... VEGETABLES!! It's my worst nightmare!
</3 ... Milk... It's my worst nightmare next to veggies
</3 ... Dark colors
</3 ... People who take advantage of me when I'm being nice

Make me a random tektek ღ


    PHOTOSHOP -- to be updated ;3

    PANDASS -- to be updated ;3

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    This section is dedicated to Kanata Hongo. I wanted to make a special section for him after watching Seigi no Mikata, though, I felt like he should have had a bigger part in the story and wish everything didn't revolve around the older sister. He's currently 18 and every time I check out his website his pictures seriously make me go "awwww..." every time. :] Oh, and he's the only guy I will ever say looks good with colored hair! This is my favorite picture! [ Side note : I totally want his sweater, looks so comfy. <3 ]

    His best face is... his angry face!!! He looks so adorable when he's mad or angry. Hehe. :]


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Report | 02/15/2015 1:17 pm


The last time you logged in was a day before my birthday... I wonder if you'll get on again. sweatdrop
I just got a name change, I wonder if you can remember who I am... haha.
Your avatar is so cute! How have you been? A friend of mine has insisted I go back on this, so here I am. I probably won't be active but it'd be nice to chat with you again sometime. ^^

Report | 11/28/2013 2:54 pm


Hey Rawr!
Crossing my fingers that you still remember me... >w<
Dang, it's been what, a few years since I went on?
Hope life's been treating you well~

Report | 06/20/2012 9:22 am


RAWR! do you still go on? omg, do you even remember me? it's so weird being on gaia... i feel like a completely different person from who i used to be. :S
how have you been? C:

Report | 01/29/2012 4:15 pm


NU, Dis be patchez in a W4FFLEZ SUITZ. razz

Report | 05/08/2011 12:41 pm


Happy Birthday~ (:

Report | 05/01/2011 7:20 pm


This may seem a little random but I am sending out this comment to ask whether your Art/Graphics shop or auction in the The Biggest Multi Joint Shop/Giveaway/Advice Guild is still going to remain open. If you are NOT interested in keeping your shop or auction within the guild please reply to this comment saying so. If you wish to continue to keep your shop (or auction) open then also comment back letting me know this.
Thank you :]

Claus Regal

Report | 03/22/2011 10:14 am

Claus Regal

BOSS!!! -glomp- x3

Report | 02/28/2011 2:05 am



Report | 02/27/2011 3:27 pm


LOL OF COURSE, you sing it so randomly in your swag voice xDD

yea, while i do my geometry hw =u=b
wai---don't YOU have HOMEWORK, MISS? ಠ____ಠ

Report | 02/27/2011 3:20 pm


Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin dirty ~ cool