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ozlem celik; get to know the real me yourself.
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i ♥ my life, and the ones in them. [:

" i think about you all the time. i know you'll be alright, but i can't stop thinking what you're thinking now. are we still two of a kind? was everything we ever said to each other a lie and every moment we spent, to discover the truth was in front of our eyes. "
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i'm almost like an average kid who laughs, cries, and screams. just like everyone else. i have two eyes, a nose, and a mouth like you. i’m five feet and one inches of pure insanity. i like to think of myself as a puzzle with several missing pieces. i feel like i was once sculpted into someone i didn’t want to be. my life is like a map and i just have to follow it wherever it takes me. i don’t know where my future is headed and it scares me. i’m nothing spectacular; i don’t live my life on the edge. i’m friendly and approachable. i’m nice to people who I think are worth getting to know. when i'm hyper, which is almost everyday, i'm one of the most perverted, randomest chick's you will ever meet. my best friend Carmina and i are so random that i can be like "i'm on my period!" and she's like "me too!" i find the universe unbelievably beautiful and interesting. saturn is my favorite planet and stars fascinate me. i always make extra efforts trying to understand anything i put my mind to. i’m a daydreamer. i'm a thinker. i can be complicated, wierd, confusing, funny, scary, smart, crazy, impatient, stubborn, ticklish, energic, loud, tiny, hyper and everywhere in a second. yeah i'm someone you'd probably hate. but this is me and i refuse to be average. i don’t see the world completely negative or completely positive, i see it realistically.