Favorite Movies :D

heart I love Hiya Miyazaki films! 3nodding

♥Spirited Away
♥Mizugumo MonMon
♥Hoshi Wo Katta Hi
♥Howl's Moving Castle
♥Mei and the Kitten Bus
♥Koro Mo Dai-Sanpo
♥Kujira Tori
♥Princess Mononoke
♥On Your Mark
♥Porco Rosso
♥The Witch's Express Mail
♥My Neighbour Totoro
♥Castle in the Sky


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My Story(;

To me he is sweet,
To me he is kind.
To me he is gentle,
But he is not mine.

We are still best friends,
Although for sometime we have not spoken,
But friendships unlike love,
Cannot be broken.

Yet, sometimes it seems,
He loves me more than a friend,
But as days go by,
The awkwardnes nevers ends.

I surely do,
Love him more than a friend,
But since we are seperated by dead silence,
My heart will take sometime to mend.

He is my world,
He is my Best Friend,
He is my valuable oyster pearl,
We are friends till the end.

Dream Avis<3 More to come.

hitmeuhp ,.

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Thas how i go, foo.

Thanks to Fate_5543 or Mikailah, my sister, for introducing me to RP ing(: iLy<4 Shes juhs so coolio, foolio.

My RPs so far, in order(:

Julie; In 'Finding Love' [ FIRST GIRL/ RP ]
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Krista Ariel; In 'House Of Nightmares'
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Rochelle &Mac; In 'Lies'
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Ella; In 'Love Me, Sensei'
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Ryoto; In 'Serendipity'
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Victoria; In 'The Avis-Lords' (God)
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Naomi; In 'The Avis-Lords' (Human)
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Jesse; In 'Love and Collage'
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Kyoko; In 'City Of The Undead'
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Karen; In 'In Loving Memory'
User Image

James; In 'Summer Wind Inn' [ First Guy!(x ]
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Malea; In 'The Avis-Lords' (God)2
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Reiji; In 'The Avis-Lords' (Human) 2
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