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About Grimmy

OOC: Please refrain from copying this avatar. I have been female Grimmjow since August 2008.


Well, well, what do we have here? Goodness me, another lowly Soul Reaper ... ? Oh, you are not? My mistake. Terribly sorry about that, my dear.

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, the Sexta Espada... Well, something of that nature, anywho.

I am the female persona of Grimmjow. Yes, that is correct. The
female. I was manufactured by a specific magenta-maned scientist, by the name of Szayel Apporro Grantz. You see, my dear, that beautifully misfitting scientist was attempting to create a doppelganger of the male Grimmjow, for who knows what reason, and a few minor errors occurred... Well... not so much minor.

My days in the Espada are anything but ordinary. My actual name is also Grimmjow Jeagerjaques ( II ); however, instead of being referred to as such, since there are now two Grimmjows around and about, most of the other Espadas have nicknamed me to be Aiko. Aiko Nozomi, meaning "Beloved Hope". I have a few other nicknames as well. Lord Aizen, before he was sentenced, used to call me Grimmkitty,and the male version of myself refers to me as Shorty, Squirt... Occasionally even
Pipsqueak, and things of that nature. The reason for that is most likely due of the height difference between he and I, Grimmjow being at 6'1" while I myself being at, erm... 4'11".

My hobbies? I must to say, I do have enjoy picking on Grimmjow. A cruel hobby, though it can be fun, so long as you are not sprinting for your dear life as he swings a blade at you, aha... My other hobby would have to be sleeping. This is due to my feline-like genes, we enjoy lounging around in soft, comfortable places. A dish I fancy is Mint Chocolate-Chip Ice Cream, and all that is sweet; my least favorite being certain
fish... A feline that dislikes fish; a rare find indeed.

Anyhow, enough of myself. Please do tell me about yourself, so long as you are not a worthless Soul Reaper. I would love to hear about you. Please try not to anger me, I have a nasty temper! Don't say I didn't warn you, dear.

Good day. <3

P.S: Please peek in my Journal for all the wonderful avatar art I've received! <3

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