My name is Jasamine. With 2 A's


JASAMINEEE ! It's Markus Marie Canada hacking my girlfriend #2 (;
Ahah, I have the coolest name ever and it's all thanks to her!
BE JEALOUS o;< So me and Jasamine have known each other for a long time.
I can't even remember when we met or how we met ..
so I'm assuming it's been a long time. Since then, we've definitely become rlly close friends.
She's such a great person and I'm so lucky to have someone like her.
I absolutely love talking to her. Our conversations go on FOREVER and it's about the most random things.
I LOVE IT ;D So there was a while when she didn't go on and I literally died :l
But she came back because she missed me and it was all good again (:
She has such an amazing personality which makes it hard not to instantly love her. She's like .. perfect o;
Well except for her whole 'One Direction' phase. LIKE SRSLY, IT'S LIKE SHE LOVES THEM MORE THAN ME ; it's horrible D;
Ahha jk, I still love you.
Hm .. you better come visit me in Canada so we can get some poutine and watch Lion King!
Ok , well the one I had written before was longer but I totally forgot what I wrote .
Ahh oh well , that's all .. for now. Love you Jasaminee! (:

Hey this is Mathew hacking Jasamine [;
Jasamine is probably one of the coolest people alive.
She's sooo damn sweet. She's cool to be around and she's the one to always make my days better.
She's always there for me when i need her most.
although times her advice can kinddaaa be harsh.. sadly ever time you live to find out her advice is true.[:
Shes like your own free over the internet Theripist ;3.
"Roses really smell like boo boo bo yeah." Lol we always sing that song to each other.
And although shes ALWAYS talking about her little WAY TO OLD for her crush >.>
It's worth listening to her boy problems because she's always there to listen to my girl problems [:
"Popped the molly i'm sweating woo!"
Lol Damn this girl is my world.!! Point is , is if you don't know her you outta get to know her.
Ohh and by the way , she's my girlfriend. Shes un aware of our relationship but we have one xD Love you Jas.

Aye wassup! This is ya ginger drew hackin Jasamine's profile! Hmm...
Where should I start?
... Alright, well we kind of just met each other in the rally a few weeks ago and quite honestly
I didn't really like her b***h a** at the beginning ;o
just kidden ;]. I'm always tellin her somethin that's perverted and messed up and sometimes
I even say perverted stuff that include her.
Lmao but she knows i'm just playin.
She is always an a** hole to me and says really rude things herself 75% of the time
but deep down shes just an angel sent down to earth to comfort me <33.
Well that's all i really gotta say on my part....
So SMD Jasamine! ;O nah jk ;] Byee!
8==========D~~~~ (.)Y(.) ;D

JasaHOE (:

Well Hey Sexayy (;
Your A Fine a** Dude Lmao JkJk
Nah But Your A Pretty Girl
Well I Known Your a** Forever
Like When Jesus Was Alive (;
Well We Go To A Wack a** School Together
An Yeh We Needa Hang Out With That Niqqa Broskie An Daniella (;
Oh Btw I Got You Some New Dog Treats (Bacon Flavor)
Yes We Fight But You Know Your a** Still Loves This Booty <3
You Mean The Univeres To Me [Not Really But Some Thing Like That]
Yeh We Had Good a** Memories
Like The Strip Tease LMFAO
That s**t Was Cray (;
Well Your A Cool a** Hoe
An We Needa Hang Out Asap
GUYS Back Off She Doesnt Date On Here
Aha Well If Any One Trys To ******** You Up
Tell Me (;
We Got Big Booty BItches : D
Well What Else Your A ******** Freaky Girl
You Get It On At Night With That Guy
Well Yo a** Is Bootyful Dont Let No One Tell You Different
Big Booty Jasamine Love The Way You Shake It
Nah Not Really Lmao
Well We Needa Do Strip Teases To Paxton Again
That Gay a** Niqqa Lmao
Aha (; Ily b***h
Well There Is So Much More That I Can Say
But These Wannabes Dont Needa Know Our Craziness
Well Toodles Bitches
I ******** Love You Hoe
Back Of Hoes

-Janayy {Obeymedopehead}

well this yah boy jordan (; here talkin bout this awesome and sweet girl jasamine.
Well i haven't known you for that long but it feels like ive known you forever,
shes one of the nicest and coolest people you could ever meet.
if you have a chance to talk to here i garintee that you will like her (:
yadigg haha. i love her oh so much haha with out her in my life it would suck booty mannnn.
if anyone of you ******** with her i will hurt you hehe.well since im not that good at this stuff ima just end this.
iloveyou sooooooooo much jasamine (;<3 byebye.

Hello there wannabe's this is your favorite girl Lisa making this lovely hack for my best friend Jasmine. <3
Well, what should i say about this girl,
no words can describe on how amazing she is.
Me and her are through the thick and thins of life.
Jasamine is my best friend ever. I couldnt live without her she is my world.
She is the most sweetest girl i have ever met.
If i could imagine my life without her then i'd be pretty ******** up without her sweet a**. c; S
he is nice,sweet,kind,careing, and a very loving person. I'm glad that i have met her on gaia,
honestly i don't remember on how we met, but i'm gald that we did.
This is my number one girl i must say. (;
If i ever find out that you have ******** her up in any way,
then i will make a dozen burritoes and smack your face to death with them or i can find some bombs
and place them under your house and explode you and your family.
Harsh is'nt it? ;D
Jasamine i love you with all my heart you are my absolute best friend
i will have your back no matter what. <3
I love you.
Alright now that's all i have to say about this amazing girl,
if you dont get to talking to after im done, then you need to go to a mental insitution. Bye Jasamine. xoxo ~

Hacking Jasamine the terrorist.
She is meh gaia daughter! Oh yeah be jealous. I love her sooo much.
She is the bestest friend to have and I love chilling out with her in random places
...or being stalked. >.> Mess with her and I will hunt you down,
chopped every blood relative you have, and make sure your species never lives on.
Jazz is my lover too cause she believes in incest. xP Love ya!!!!!

[] [] ~oh snap! *hacked by Bethanii* im hacking this sweet a** girl ;O
shes my amazing gaia sis and iv only known her for like a few weeks
but that doesn't mean im not falling in love..
wait what? >.> this young lady is very beautiful and full of spunk!
if anyouv just been hacked!

Eyy Eyy Eyy, Dis ya Boi Caleb, Hack'n Jasamine's pro.
Jasmine has to be one of da coolest gurls you'll eva meet
Shes so fun to be around. You can find us always fxckin around with people in diff Rallies.
Im so lucky to have met her n' hope to always be
friendz with dis gurl. Dont eva try to fxck around with her cuz den ur fxck'n aound with mehh
iight im out, pce Bxtches