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Blah blah boring s**t.

I'm Neon. AKA: "Gaia's resident crazy lady and battlefield medic." Nice to meet you, and, more specifically, your presently-unsevered limbs! I have many quirks and people seem to like me (generally) for some reason (no seriously, why?) that I can't understand. (but thank you anyways)

First things first, I'm 23 as of writing this (Nov. 14th, 1993 is my birthday, for reference) and I'm likely not going to update it because I'm lazy and scatterbrained. I am a lady, and I'm into other ladies. So, that's that, I suppose.

I use a myriad of large or unusual words when I speak and type, and you'll seldom see me using just colloquial 'slang' without some sort of archaic or scholastic term thrown in, unless I'm in-character. This is how I prove to the world that I'm not just another pretty face. Well, if you saw my face, you'd agree that I'm not just another pretty face as my face... well...


I like to make up my own words and terms! Many of these are stupid, and if you've heard any of them before, you'll agree.

My real name is something you'll have to earn from me. I don't just give it out to anyone who asks with a suave accent and a "convincing" smile.

To earn my friendship and undying loyalty, however, all you need is to just be a good, likable person with a likable personality. We'll get along fine as long as you're not a complete d**k. Trust me!

If you want anything from me, PMs are the best, easiest way to reach me. I respond best to PMs. If you don't like PMs, quote me in the forums or something. I'll respond to profile comments, but they're not my preferred method of chatting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them directly to my face. I do not like it when people have an issue with something I'm doing, then hate me for it when I would have had no problem fixing the issue should they have just said "Hey Neon. I don't like it when you ____. Can you work on it?" After all, there's only one way I can know that I'm doing something wrong, right?

I don't like random gifts. Please keep them to a minimum, I just feel a sense of responsibility to repay people when they do, and that feeling eats away at the edges of my mind, usually when I don't have the funds to buy somebody a return gift when the time comes to act upon it. However, if you're giving me a gift in thanks for something I already did, then make sure I'm aware of the circumstances.

And last, but not least, things would be woefully incomplete if I didn't say "FOR SCIENCE!" in all caps in any description of me.

Go forth and be free, children. Be free and spread the chaos.

Hatemail from Another Dimension

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Kiyri Report | 04/21/2019 8:22 pm
I don't know if you already had a character with special bullets or happened to make her recently, but I think she's really cool! whee
Infinitian Report | 01/12/2019 7:57 pm
That'd be cool! She has a sort of post-apocalyptic Tank-Girl-esque vibe to her that I think is a really neat contrast with the black and white, I'm betting whatever direction you go with her is gonna be a lot of fun
Infinitian Report | 01/12/2019 6:11 pm
I’m liking the new look! wink
larrystew Report | 12/28/2018 8:34 pm
Now it's my turn to ask : are you okay?! Lead poisoning sounds serious.
larrystew Report | 12/28/2018 8:13 pm
LOL It's 12pm here and I just had lunch but my parents started talking about my grandpa's poop and I lost my appetite. Have you had dinner yet?
larrystew Report | 12/28/2018 7:44 pm
*sticks my tongue out to you too*

Gomen gomen~ I'm happy that he remembers me this time too. I did a little jig and he said my name LOL

What time is it there?
larrystew Report | 12/28/2018 7:04 pm
HAHA razz I was in it for the suspense? Sorry I got you worried

Yes! He's been in the hospital for two weeks because of his bedsores but now he's healing so it's fine
larrystew Report | 12/28/2018 6:37 pm
HAHA I'm okay!!!! I'm just visting my grandpa and he's getting discharged today. Now we're waiting for his hose to get changed before the ambulance comes~
larrystew Report | 12/28/2018 6:31 pm
*drinks the pepsi*

I'm good! I'm at the hospital rn what about uuuuuu
larrystew Report | 12/28/2018 6:24 pm
hello boop

*grabs ur hand and starts swinging it*


i E v e r .И e o n


"I have many names,
but the one I am called most is
Lady Temperance."

"I crave insight into the mind. But
is that all I seek? The human mind
is such a chaotic environment. I feel
right at home. Learning unreason
is often the only way to proceed."

"Perhaps you understand not what I
am saying... but you are curious, as
is a moth curious of the flickering
light of a flame."



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