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VoxeI Report | 07/23/2016 9:08 am
VoxeI Report | 07/11/2016 6:49 am
Kurivore Report | 03/01/2015 6:38 pm
TheSoundOfRock Report | 02/24/2015 6:04 am
It's all up there, locked in my memory's safe. We certainly has an amazing time back then, together, with the entire gang. Now there's hardly much of us left. I understand the situation you're going through with Gaia. It's the same for me as well. The MP is messed up, and the inflation has taken things to another level. I still make do with whatever I have. Looks don't matter, being here in need is what matters most. Then again, it's you and a few others that drop in a comment every now and then. That helps me stop by and take the time to reflect on the message and type a reply back, just like I'm doing right now. But anyways, life must go on. They say what goes around comes around.. I hope one day we'll get to meet each other, just like the good ol days.. then we can chat on how things are picking up and how things are moving along the way.

Hopefully, one day, that will come true.
TheSoundOfRock Report | 01/27/2015 6:26 am
Hey Bro, no need to apologize for anything, even if it's a late reply. Even reading a comment from you or any of good friends is a welcome treat to my eyes for the reading. Oh and by the way, at least month hasn't ended just yet, still a personal late wish to you and your family + loved ones on a Very Belated Happy New Year.

I wasn't in town during Xmas time, I had gone off with my family to visit my cousins at their place.
But, I left here by stating a Happy New Year's wish to all my loving friends on the status bar.
You weren't here then, so I thought now that you finally made your comeback after all these days, best be I send you the New Years wishes.

Anyways, you take care, Bro.
Enjoy life and have fun out there every single day.

Once again thanks for the reply in a long time, it was really really good to hear back from you.
Well then, got to go.
Let's chat again some other time, Tim.

Bye, for now.
Lady_Sassin Report | 01/27/2015 12:30 am
Awe thanks so much >//< yeah I am still working on getting the right legs I want but I appreciate the love. ^-^
TheSoundOfRock Report | 01/01/2015 6:53 pm
Hey Tim Ol' Pal.
Wishing you and all your loving peeps and close friends and loved ones a Very Happy New Year 2015!

God Bless and have a wonderful year ahead. *cheers*
TheSoundOfRock Report | 12/18/2014 9:12 am
How many years have passed?.. I've lost count and track of it. So much has changed in such little time. Memories feel the same, fresh, as though it were yesterday's topic. I'm glad to hear that Nami is doing great. The couple of times I last met her, she was going through a 50/50 phase, sometimes there was an abundance of happiness in her life and then there was also it's equal share of sadness and pain. I really admired her courage and strength to keep pushing herself forward in life. I'm so glad that she's safe and sound, and doing well out there. If it's true that she's engaged, then do pass on my congratulations onto her. I remember meeting nonameomg once through you. I was with Tigress, the girl that's right next by my side on my profile page. We were both present at that time when we were introduced to nonameomg for the first time by you. That's the only time I remember seeing nonameomg. The holidays are almost here, what do you think, Tim?.. will the gang be back for Xmas this year end?

If that could happen, it would be wonderful.
TheSoundOfRock Report | 12/17/2014 6:38 am
Tim, Bro, I haven't forgotten about you either. I know dude, it's been a turn of chapters on everyone's lives. How I wish the old times would be back with us in present lives. I still remember all of us, the entire gang - Yourself, Nami, Damien, there was a Kat/ Neko dude who's name I forgot, there was your best friend who always used to tag along with you who's name as well I can't remember, ah there was Roxas and there was Nick as well, even Lexi, yeah I remember most of the gang. And hey Bro, no need to thank me for anything. For me it was life's opportunity on meeting such lovable peeps like yourselves. You and the rest of the gang are close to me, always - right at the heart. On the same note, I'm glad I found friends like you'll. It's a honor and a blessing to have met you guys.

Tim, I hope you're doing great in life.
How's your family doing?.. hope everyone is doing well by the Grace of God.

You take care, Bro.. and thanks a bunch for the sweet little message.
I really loved reading back from you again.
It brought a lot of memories back.

Give my regards to the gang if you still do meet them online.
Latez, Bro.
Damien McNight Report | 02/19/2014 5:07 pm
Damien McNight
Hope you're doin well..

How my hair is now!

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Welcome to the world of Tim

Hello whomever cares to see my profile, my name is Timothy, you can call me Tim if it is easier. I have been on Gaia since I was 15, and now am 20, to some they may see me as old, but really... it's just 5 years guys forreals. But I enjoy Anime (Obviously why I even found interest in this site) I also enjoy video game. I am an open minded person so I can come to an understanding towards people's lives as I have helped plenty. So if you have any sort of trouble and feel alone, do not be afraid to message me, I will do my best to help. I am not on this site as much as I use to, I honestly just check it when it pops in my mind.. which is obviously very low. I don't have the friends I use to on this site, so nothing really is keeping me here besides a few people. I may also have forgotten plenty of people over the time I have been Absent... please do not take offense... only people I have memories of is the ones that have impacted me greatly where ive been through their Drama and have done something that burnt an image of them in my mind... So please do not take it personal... But if you have anything to say just message me or comment on my profile. I hope I can see my old friends again at least one more time

Hey this is me now a days!

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Birthday: 07/19

This has been takin about a month ago just to let you know and today is May 4th 2011

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I didnt make any of these pictures ,just picked from random sites, not my content D; (insert legal stuff here)

Idk if anyone ever cared about reading these captions, but I just wanna dedicate this to a special friend that I will never forget, I met her through a friend asking me to stop her from leaving the site, just like everyone else, she has a limit to the depraving for this site, She was a very great person, what she goes through, is what she doesn't deserve, if any of my old friends were here, they would straight off the bat remember Rozy, Last time I saw her was when I was 16, last time I actually talked to her was when I was 15, She always had a kind heart to help all of her dear friends, she even gifted them items time to time, I remember I use to do my best trying to get her some expensive items, with her teasing me by cheering me on, She is a true friend you could ever want, she is not like most people where they keep you as a stranger even if you talked for along time, last time I saw her, she got out of the hospital from being raped and stabbed, Idk if she wants me to be talking about this, but I just want her to know that I miss her, and I hope she is still alive, I made a promise to meet her one day, most people probably gave up on her, she probably hasnt been here because she doesnt feel that she belongs in this site, but just to let her know, I still care for her and she is one of the best people I met in this world (No offense guys but you just can't surpass her, maybe a couple, but no one else, I will always love you as a friend Rozy . . I hope you're life gets better, and for all those birthdays I missed, Happy birthday, I hope to see you really soon, Your dear friend Tim

Also if you do come back, I hope you saw this and read it, I know I told some personal stuff, but it is only because I love you as a friend and I hope you are alive, I come on gaia mostly just to see if you ever come back again. Most gave up, but im still here, So is Kami and Justin . . I cant remember his user though x3