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I'm learning three languages;; English (Fluent), French, and Spanish.
I love to help others.
I love all music.
I play many instruments;; Xylophone, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Trumpet, & Piano.
I draw, write, and sing too.
&&I want to meet new people. <3
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Phoenix Phantasm

Report | 07/09/2011 8:03 pm

Phoenix Phantasm

Well, the blue got sold. O.e My apologies, but I have a yellow and green to still sell. I trade both. The yellow will be for just 6 gold and the green will be just 203 gold if that's okay.
Phoenix Phantasm

Report | 07/08/2011 7:26 pm

Phoenix Phantasm

I have a blue ink for sale if you're still looking to buy inks.
Phoenix Phantasm

Report | 06/20/2011 8:24 pm

Phoenix Phantasm

I have two more inks up for sale. If you can get to them before they're bought. I'm selling a blue ink and a gold ink.
cuty annie

Report | 06/16/2011 3:42 pm

cuty annie

ok i can sell u...10? but when will u be online? so u can buy them when i sell them
Phoenix Phantasm

Report | 06/15/2011 7:38 pm

Phoenix Phantasm

All right, I'll keep those prices in mind.
cuty annie

Report | 06/15/2011 5:46 pm

cuty annie

well i have many yellow and brown inks...they are cheaper but...do you want some? if yes i can sell u

Report | 06/13/2011 6:15 pm


Both of my brother's are older than me. One is two years older and is currently living with us. He'll be going off to college soon tho. My other brother is seven years older than me and is living with my mom for the time being. He was living with my Nana, my mom's mother, but she is once of those people that drive you crazy if you're around her for too long, so he left first chance he got.

And my mom didn't just leave. One night my dad went to go to bed and she was sitting up in bed. She just stared my dad straight in the eye and said that she wanted a divorce and started crying. That night, my parents talked and talked for hours, my dad mostly was trying to get my mom to stay. And one thing that my mom told my dad was 'Keep the kids, this is their home. Same for the dog.' A week later, my mom moved out and two weeks after that she was dating her ex and he moved in.
cuty annie

Report | 06/13/2011 4:17 pm

cuty annie

thx for buying!
Phoenix Phantasm

Report | 06/13/2011 4:05 pm

Phoenix Phantasm

Thank you, however that was my last ink for now. When I get more in for selling, I'll let you know.

Report | 06/13/2011 4:02 pm


Yup, she's acting like a teenager and her ex is too.

Another thing is that me and my mom used to be so close, she was my best friend. But now that all this started, I feel as tho I barely even know who she is anymore...

My dad isn't taking it too well. He really loved my mom and he feels as tho she betrayed him. He told me that in the past 18 years with my mom that he has not looked at one other girl like he has towards her. It makes me really sad, because I know how much my dad truly loved my mom.


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