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My names Delaney as you probably already know.
I live in the state of Ohio where it rains a lot.
I live with my mom, because my parents divorced a while ago.
I listen to all genres.
I enjoy dancing in the rain and catching raindrops on my tongue.
I am taken by Adamm. haha <3 ilysgdfm.
I look into the future a lot.
I have a passion for photography.
I can draw, just not well.
I hate when people talk about others & i'm against animal cruelty.
I dislike most cakes and icings.
My favorite colors are Orange, green, blue and grey.
I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that scraped knees heal faster then broken hearts.
I am not a big fan of drama, get me into it, and it doesn't end.
I enjoy watching scary movies. <3
I have a phobia for heights.
I wear a size 11/12 shoe. :]
I don't like when people call me big foot.
My best friends on the planet are, Ashleigh, Katie, Kelsey, Donny, Nick, Sylvia, Jade, Adam<3, and loadsss moree. :]

Adam Scott;,

You take my breath away;
My heart skip a beat, Butterflies form in my chest,
& my mind spin whenever I talk to you.

I love you for so many reasons that I cant even count. I've never met someone so sweet. ;] You make me feel so happy whenever we speak. I don't even know where to start. We've been best friends since forever & now we're going out. haha. I never knew the day would come until I got the guts to ask. I never would've imagined you saying yes, but you did and I'm happy. You're always there for me no matter what hell I go through. I've lived with so many problems, but so many of them have resulted in mistakes that I've learned from, from you. You made me realize, whenever you feel as if no one cares, there is always one special person who can change your world completely. Over the past year, I've learned cutting doesn't solve anything. Love does. You cared about me so much, that you made me promise I wouldn't cut, And over the months after that promise, I haven't broken it. Your always there whenever I need you, even when I need help with homework. ah, i remember that night. aha i was working on multiplying fractions. :] ANYWAYS. Just to get to the point, this boy means EVERYTHING to me, nothing in this world could change my mind about it.

Mr. Crayon
God of the Immortals
demon smiles
iEatT o y z