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~Family & Friends~
Asian Buddy - Love ya dudette :]

Bisty c:- I love you sis ;]

Mercy - I love you sis ;]

Teresa - Man, your the best ;]

Anni - I love you little cous' ;]

Turtle C: - sistar, i luff yew :]

Whale c: - : D my bestfrann

Karlii c:- Ily Karlii c:

All right lemme spit some sh*t about myself k? c:

I'm 13. And Vietnamese. If you gunna be racist, then go ahead. c: I be jerkin' on the billboards of San Jose, Cali. C: I have my own jerking crew in real life. We call ourselves, GeekSquad. My favorite type of animal is turtles. c: My favorite type of music is RnB and Heavy Metal. My nickname be anything you want to call me c: But most people call me Turtle : D

I think I am done here Chiao! Cao! Kunichiwah! Peace! c:


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I like Heavy Metal & Rock & RnB so? Got a problem? It's not my problem then.