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Ayee boo (;

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rawrr.! ♥

I'mma make this short & sweet (:
Hello there , loves.
You must know my name! It's Alexis
I'll turn an age older on December 28
Yes, I got a phone. Want the digits? Get to know me and maybe you'll get it
I'm obviously Asian. 75% laos and 25% Chinese
I like P A N D A S and K O A L A S
Middle School Kid
I like to webcam :'3 If you ever want to webcam with me than just message me
Tennessee ;
I hope I can be your amazing buddy!
I'm so random
I'm really short. Only 4'11 , got that short swag?
I like P H O !
y o u . a r e . a n . a d o r a b l e . b o o t y w h o r e .

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