hey so its Rachel im 15, ill be 16 in april i love music, i play guitar and keyboard i make music videos on youtube i love my friends im creative and im obsessd with video games (oblivion,WoW) FTH!!!! lol anyway if you wanna know more message me biggrin have a good day

You Know Who You Are...i hope you read this
sometimes there are days when i want to run back to you and start crying and talking and hanging out how we used to and i think of all the things i could tell you...all the things youve missed and then i think how weve both changed so much and how much distance is between us now and then i wonder if it can ever be the same then i think of how i feel you wrong me and then i think you probally feel the same way then i think i dont care whats happened between us and how i just miss you and then i finally decided to write this so if you want to i guess text me of message me.....

NightMare_babe14's hack xD
I love chew so much big sis^^
we have been together for like.... ever!!!!!!!!!!
and i want it to stay that way^^
This chick is so amazing x3
Shes funny, smart...-ish x3
but i think she is so adorable^^
hehe^^ your my bestest friend no matter wat^^
I never wanna lose you^^
lol love chew^^
~ love Kayla :3

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