Hey, Meh names Luis for those who don't know know yet... Yes that means you Aaron. Aaron is my best friends on gaiaonline. If U see him In real life U'll have to look up at him.. or atleast I do! Hiz name on here is : whitewolf-mako- :*looks at Aaron*
Enough about Aaron on to meh ^.^. I'm your typical 13-year-old trouble maker! I like to watch anime (like bleach, Naruto, Full metal alchemist, Death note, & more). If you want to get to know me PM me sometime. Remember I accept donations c(=. I draw ok... so if you want me to make you a signature just send me a PM titled Signature. If you don't like it don't be shy tell meh! I'm located in...
I would say something like, On Earth, but since you bothered reading this I'll tell you. I live in Allentown, Pa. I'm attending my last year in middle School... Yay no more In-school suspension ._."