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I'm Nick! I'm just 15, excited to turn 16 smile I'm gay and proud. I'm a pretty average teenage boy I guess. I mean, Sure, I'm diffrent, But aren't we all? I believe everything happens for a reason, and what happens is meant to be. I have a close circle of best friends, that's expanding quickly.I'm a big guy, and I really don't care for your opinion on the matter. I'll change that, When I feel like it, thanks. I'm a bit on the tall side, near 6 feet. I support gay marriage, and hate homophobes. I believe everyone needs to be themselves, and say ******** society. I am strongly opiniated, and will tell you my views, and not think more about it. When I'm around my friends, I'm loud! But, I am usually rather quiet. Working on it. I'll talk to anyone, because I believe EVERYONE has a right to make a first impression, as well as second chances. I want to be a lawyer! I have goals, and morals. I live up to them. I'm one of those people you see having fun one moment, then can be entirely Serious the next. I'm a texting addict smile I love the color Orange. Anyone can talk to me, about anything. I understand, just about anything you could present me with. I hate writing these, because I feel like i'm bragging myself up. So, I'll include bad things about me. I can be hot tempered. I get angry, VERY easy. I am depressed alot, but, not so much recently. I cuss, terribly. I argue, and always try to prove my point. I'm online 24/7, I'm a bit slow at times,And I procrastenate like CRAZY. I have terrible spelling, if you haven't noticed. And, I can have bad grammar usage alot as well. Back to the other stuff about me. I believe in myself, and know what I can handle. I challenge myself, and I don't degrade you, unless you deserve it. I build people up, and tear down those who don't deserve to be where they are, because of how they got there. I'm a generally nice person, but I can switch to Jackass in about .2 seconds. I stick up for my friends, and try my hardest when doing anything. I feel as if sometimes, no one relates, but, I know I have friends who will try to help me. I believe that you shouldn't hate anyone, that hate is what corrupted this world to begin with. I believe in the quote "A little more peace, that's what love would bring. A little more joy, a little less suffering." I go to Zanesville High School, I'm a Sophomore. I have average classes, and get decent grades. I'm no where near fake, and can't stand those who are. I believe that there's a better life somewhere, you just have to find it. I see things diffrently than alot of people, because I always look at both the negative, and the positive side of things. I believe that the toughest people in this world, break down, and are vunerable. That they may seem like nothing bothers them, but they are the most bothered. I think I've wrote enough here. Anything else, ask me.

Dream Avi
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Total Value: 12,699 Gold
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Item List:
Gray Polar Expedition Pile Jacket
Black Silk Boxers
KoNfUzEd rAiNbOw ToE SoX
White Tennis Shoes
Black Glamrock Jeans
Blue Traveller Undershirt
Black Leather Belt




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A little more peace, that's what love would bring. A little more joy, a little less suffering.