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Just the facts, ma'am

Hello!! I'm icy, it's nice to meet you!
Thanks for checking my profile, is it not nifty?!

I don't have a lot to tell about myself, I'm just a regular person, but here are the basics:

- I'm a lady *gigglesnort* and I'm 36 years old.
- I'm originally from the Mid Atlantic east coast of the US, but I've lived in many exciting places over the years. Want to know about them? Go on ask me!
- My current location is: Denmark.
- I'm married, happily to Archbaker.
- I love talking about myself. I won't lie about it, I'm a little self-centered and flaky, but I'm a whole lot of fun, and I love to entertain people.
- I'm also a terrible flirt. I flirt with Everyone: Guys, Girls, Gay, Straight, and anywhere in between. I won't make apologies for this, and if it bothers you, we probably won't have a lot in common.
- I'm bold and cheeky, I love to laugh and make people laugh and I love making new friends.
- I believe love is amazing and beautiful and anyone who finds it is the luckiest person ever, regardless of who it is with. Period.

I hate quotes and all that but yeah "Base not your joy upon the deeds of others, for what is given can be taken away." ~ Pete Steele/ Type O Negative

Thank You's

Thank you so much to everyone who's donated white ink and gold to my quest. I never made it near to the point of white body dye, but I sold the inks to get a Masterpieces, which I'm very happy with.

Special thanks to:
Milk Carton Bunny
angelic snow angel
Alias Facade

Thank you to jordygore4 for donating 25k towards my Secret Retreat! heart

Big thanks to I Waleed I for his generous random gift of September Birthstone Anklets. emotion_yatta

Thanks to everyone who has been my friend over the years here on Gaia. And thanks to everyone who has provided support, laughter and kindness. I love you all.


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Nick_austin90 Report | 03/28/2018 1:41 pm
Goodness I've been away awhile. Sorry. School's getting pretty fun. I get to use my dad's tools and do art stuff that I've never even thought about before haha

Congrats!!! You must be really exited about it but why're you moving though? Is it like a permanent thing? I don't really understand apprenticeship sweatdrop Good luck! I know you're going to learn a lot of new things. And I'm rooting for ya! All the best emotion_bigheart
Nick_austin90 Report | 03/07/2018 5:06 pm
That's sounds a bit tough but you can do it! whee

I'm excited for the orchestra too. I still on that stage of "to go" or to buy the new KH3 Riku figurine cuz I'm probably not flying home during the summer (money's tight and stuff) and I need something for those 3 months...lest I become a hermit and emerge once the temperature goes down again sweatdrop

Thank you. Not my best effort but I will do better! Let's all be better this year! gaia_sakura
Nick_austin90 Report | 03/04/2018 8:46 am
*tackled* I'm doing okay. How are you? 5 am is crazy early! Even I can't manage that gonk Here's crossing my fingers for you!

By the way, heard about the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour, 2018 session? It stars in July. They say it's worldwide but this time it's mostly centered in the US and Europe.
Lady Cookie Monster Report | 02/21/2018 8:38 pm
Lady Cookie Monster
HAHAHAHHA I also think that kids exaggerate when they run into an older Gaian.
I havent been really active in a while, anything interesting?
Nick_austin90 Report | 02/21/2018 8:17 am
I got a B+, despite him saying I got a C lol
Nick_austin90 Report | 02/20/2018 9:16 am
Oh, good luck! I'm starting school myself. Let's have a good time, each of us at out respective place ^^
Lady Cookie Monster Report | 02/20/2018 9:09 am
Lady Cookie Monster
Hii!! I am fine! and you? how old are you? 3nodding
Dante Alexander 1 Report | 02/17/2018 6:39 am
Dante Alexander 1
Dante Alexander 1 Report | 02/17/2018 3:46 am
Dante Alexander 1
Thankies, thankies, and thankies.
Nick_austin90 Report | 01/28/2018 12:48 pm
Hi. How are you? The work's okay I hope?

Hey, then that makes us almost a decade apart from each other! lol I want a family of my own but right now I don't think I'm ready....that's not exactly what I'm trying to say. I fell like too much of a kid myself to be of use to another person? If that makes any sense sweatdrop My dream was to have my 1st kid at 20. Well that ship had sailed ages ago. I'm too awkward with guys, religious upbringing does that. I've had guy friends...but I lack friends in general in the first place. Also I think I'm a lil bit of a high-maintenance kinda gal. But really, I just don't put myself out there. I had a, well 2 cats btw. Then my sister made claim on them and I had to fly away so now I'm back to just me. I still have that dream of being in Japan. There's hope still for a guy there maybe haha lol

Don't think my grandma would fall for the cat though. She's surprisingly clear for a 70-something old lady (.__.)

I've heard of Neopets, I think my sister played it, the very same sister who introduced me to Gaia btw. Is it still around though? The baby, Violet, is a result that comes after the conclusion of Gino's story. The vs Nyx story. I didn't realize they finished the manga for a long time and just read it last year. You gotta read the ending to that. They didn't actually make a manga about her birth (now that I think of it they should've!) but when you read the talk-to buttons of Edmund and Vanessa they tell you what happened since the end of Gino's adventure.

Young Peyo reminds me of Timmy. Do you remember that kid with blue hair that used to follow Dr. Singh around in her EI announcements? He ended becoming an item. Forever. Poor kid. Well, we have the kids from the Treehouse. Maybe they'll grow up too soon.

DA stuff, yes. My goal is to sell my services. I only started like 2 years ago, commissioning with RLC that is. Paypal finally became easier to access in my home country. I've made $15 so far sweatdrop I dn't really know how to look for customers outside of Gaia to be honest. I'd love to be able to sell more in the future.

That is totally the best period to play Pokemon Go. You might not see a lot of people play it all the time. There are team-play mode (there's a word for that sweatdrop ) on Pokemon Go but only for gym fights. There isn't any trainer vs trainer yet, hopefully there will be one in the future. You can play solo but like I mentioned, there is a group mode to fight legendaries or whatever special pokemons are visiting the local gyms. I definitely recommend but it could get quite dull. Really, it depends on the player. I certainly enjoy Pokemon Go.

I'm having really bad internet these days so I can barely watch anything online. Stupid internet! I wanna get to Supernatural! And I can't really watch at work, cuz my dad is my boss and he's like the worst/best boss. Not that I'm supposed to in the first place but technically I am not an employee. But I guess there is a "do not use company property for other than work" policy haha sweatdrop

My best to you and your family ^^

I adore these people

Sweet Prince Yuki
[NPC] VP Diedrich
pink lollipop bunny
Cats in tokyo

My RL husband!He's one sexy fox and the love of my life.

I highly recommend these people: