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yum_puddi Jenni yum_puddi
"An elf in a human's body and a wolf in sheep's clothing"

Hi, how are ya, been a minute, huh, I'm rarely on here anymore, but I'm gonna update ya on me and my life so, lessgo emotion_awesome

I'm a 23 year old girl who loves fantasy more than real life, that part hasn't changed all too much. I've been on and off from Gaia like a bad relationship for about 12-13 years (and I realized how old I am now... Yikies lol). I only come on here to see if they've made beneficial changes to the website and to see if its worth investing my limited off time to or not (most of the time it's not).

I have a culinary degree but in the past year have decided to move on from the kitchen and try my hand at possible other jobs and rethink the whole career thing over, since then I've been a happy clam emotion_kirakira now I work for a craft website and have never been happier with the stability and freedom that's come with it!

I'm currently engaged to the love of my life since Xmas 2019 and I've never been happier to be around another human the way I am with him! We both live happily in Sothern Ohio hopefully with a puppy or kitty soon (and if he had his way, an otter[but not if I have my way lol]) and plan to be here for a bit.

I still heavily invest my time in video games like Pokemon, Dragon Age, Fire Emblem, Stardew Valley and more and have recently invested my time in Story of Seasons. I also like to crochet a lot and have recently taken up furniture refinishing (which has become my summer only hobby but whatever lol!) If you ever have any game recommendations, lemme know, I'll try it out lol

As I said, I barely come on here anymore, if you ever wanna talk about nerdy stuff, crafty projects or need a friend during the rona times, DM me! I check my account once a week and I'm willing to give out my discord to any cool cats that wanna chat!

With that, I feel the need to say (to those who care) that I have been doing my absolute best to keep myself and my loved ones safe during these times, and I hope that you are doing the same. Thank you so much for thinking of me to come here!
Stay safe, stay healthy, and be happy! BYYYYYEEEE!

cat_3nodding cat_3nodding
Have a lovely day~ cat_smile

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wahmbulance I am not saying you should buy my junk... But you should buy my junk. wahmbulance

I try my best to keep it at the lowest price, if not, sorry. If you do buy, thanks a bunch! I do accept offers, but it has to be reasonable to me. If not, I'll wait for someone to buy it off in the MP. Anyways, thanks again for any purchases and have a splendid day loves! 3nodding heart


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