"'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."
-Alfred Lord Tennyson

Her name is; Beautiful.
She will always have, me; and erin
chur a gurl, a beautiful one, and the best.
chu can’t give up becuz theirs moar to love
its nevar sad, chu have flaws- but like
a friend ill always be thar for chu… and
we can always work things out <3
You fail at life, but life is to love.
And chu haven’t completely lost that,
cuz chu have me—and theres moar ppl in
the world that wil be thar for chu
without even asking them to be there.
Your sorry, but chur wrong- the ones’
that lost chu will be sorry, and
im sowi Im not thar for chur every need


-I don't come on as much, Sorry-
Hello There,
~My name is Taylor
-Swings are fawking awesome<3
-My voice is disgusting
-I love playing in the rain and making videos with my friends
-My Friends are my lovers
-I'm different ; if you hadn't noticed
CRAZY ; don't like it leave
-You might fall in Love ; just a warning
*Alicia - We'll be Best Friends Forever I fawking love you!
*Erin - You crazy b***h I love ya! Our perverted sleep overs are Un-Forgetable
*Justin - My Favorite guy . We'll swing in the snow
*Preston - My Haiku King. Love the way you call me babe
*Lewis - I love our webcam silent talk , Can't wait to move in with you for college
*Hannah - Babe I love are ipod dance videos No one can make a dance video like us!
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