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Me, Myself, and I.

[Hewwo. I'm Keshia.
But you give me a nickname.
I am a Christian.
I am half Filipino.
My schoolbag is The Little Mermaid Hello Kitty.
I'm just not cool.
Laughing is a sport at which I always win.
I'm in love with several fictional characters.
Getting a life, is easier said than done.
Nintendo beat all, it's a law of nature.
I'm going to go to Japan one day, konichiwa.
Jun is my husband.
I love the swedish rave, Basshunter is win.
Zelda is the best game ever.
I'm going to be a graphic designer one day.
Personality beats looks in my books.
My good books are easy to get in to.
They're also hard to stay in.
If you like drama, please vacate the area.
I'm simple minded. It's not complicated.

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My hangout thread! Come check it out!

Those were the basics about me, but obviously, there's a lot more to me than that. I love asian dramas, not Filipino ones though, that's my mum's job. My all time favourite drama is Hana Yori Dango, Japanese style, though I must say, I do love Boys Over Flowers (Korean style). I don't watch anime anymore, though I used to watch tons of the stuff. Drama has swayed me. I did used to obsess over Shugo Chara! not so much anymore. I do read manga, manwha, all that crack, and I read a LOT of it. I own roughly 40-50 volumes at the minute, I would have more, but what can I say, I lack funds. I read manga online constantly. I love music, yet again, more asian stuff than western. My favourite band is Arashi (<3) but I am in love with Girl's Generation at the minute.

So that was pretty much a sum up of my interests. What about my life? Well... I live in the UK, currently doing my GCSEs, which is absoute crappo. I hate school, though mind you, I used to love it. I'm doing Art (BTW, I do free graphics! Just PM me, I love making them, which is why I do them for free, I mean, your already feeding my boredom, why should I make you pay?) , Business Studies, Home Economics, Spanish and other crap. So yeah. My lack of organization skills leads me to a chaotic school life, actucally... chaotic life in general.

One last note. I ADORE roleplaying. I used to roleplay 24/7 about three years ago, but it all died out, but I'm getting back into it, if you're interested, PM me. biggrin

That's all you need to know...I think. Well if you have questions, just fire them at me!
Later dudes. xo