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Soo, My name is Cookie, well, not really, it's Monica. Call me Flii, Cookie, or Monica. Uhm About me, This one certain person has me going crazy over him. I enjoy playing basketball, and football. I also love to swim, and bike, especially with julie ;D I am the only Girl On my basketball team. ^3^ Uhm, I'm 1_? Years old. I love all colors that look good with black =p. I especially love being colorful! I'm a Trancer, get over it.I will usually deny Random friend requests, Especially if you're a noob. I like to donated but not one someone says "ohmg! ur zo rich! can u don8!?!!!119805!~?" The Answer will be no. I have donated over 3 mil. in a little less then 2 years. =] I do NOT tolerate Drugs nor alcohol. I find those two things very messed up. If you like killing yourself little by little with either of those things, please, don't add me. i'd rather not know you, then mourn over your lose, because of such foolish-ness. I like random Comments So feel free to comment. Oh, and while on the topic of denying, If you call me pretty, or beautiful, I will deny it. =D Thats the way I am, Don't take it personally, unless you're ugly, then Sorry. xDD I kid.
OH! and by the way, Confess your crush =3

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I have him && hes all I could ever want