PFC Bridges, Mark W.

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In Loving Memory

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Mark R. Bridges
February 1965 - December 2019


This is a work in progress.
I'll remove this warning once I'm satisfied with the writing.

Name: Mark
Age: 34
Hometown: Brunswick, ME
Original Account: IconicRaven - joined 2005

For me, Gaia is a time machine to when I was a sophomore in high school still living with my family. Waking up early in the summer to peruse the GD, troll in Towns, to deck out a dream avatar in TekTek - those were the days, right? What I would give for another of my dad's pancakes or gram's delicious lunches.

It's been quite a while since I've been active here. Like most of you, nostalgia is what sucks me back. This is compounded by the fact that, outside the currency restructure, the site has hardly changed, almost to a fault. Here's to the dream of a new Towns written in HTML5, not Flash.

Naturally ambiverted, how I present myself is often tied to the energy of the room. I've come to loathe the term "empath," though I am one, for it's association with mentally ill, spiritual whacko types. And that's no diss to spiritual people; I'm an atheist and one of the most spiritual people you'll meet. The difference is that I don't find myself in religion, but rather music, art, and writing.These are what shape my world.

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